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How Feng Shui Works

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How Feng Shui Works

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, which means wind and water, is based on the principle of creating a positive environment in the home, or office, by obtaining a good flow of chi,the meaning of which is: the force of energy that drives the universe, and therefore yourself.

Feng Shui has become a popular way of making our surroundings a positive place in which to spend time and to live in harmony with our environment. There are many interesting but extremely complicated factors that are part of the Feng Shui way of living. However, there are also some good, simple ideas for improved health that are really easy to incorporate into our lives and our homes.

Feng Shui Good Energy

1. Get rid of clutter
Most clutter is negative; it disrupts the flow of chi, it is especially important to remove it from the center of the house, since this area is considered the heart of the home and touches all the other areas, therefore everything is affected by what is in your health area and vice versa .
The principle then applies to your life, because all areas of your life are affected by your health and your health affects all parts of your life. Avoid clutter both at home and in life to allow positive energy to flow.


2. Use the senses to your advantage in your home.
Balance and harmony in your home will both stabilize and energize you and your family. Use colors to create the appropriate mood.
• Red is bright and full of energy, it will keep you going.
• Orange promotes fun and relaxation, it is refreshing and revitalizing.
• Yellow is a happy color that promotes creativity and vitality.
• Green renews and keeps us in balance, it is healing and calming.
• Blue is also a healing and mentally relaxing color.
Remember that touch is an important and often overlooked sense, softness and warmth can be used to relax; rough textures and coolness will energize.
Aromas are another way to vary the atmosphere or feeling of a room or an entire home. Essential oils, candles and fresh air promote a change of energy in your house and yourself.

3. Improve the center of your house
Add live plants to the heart of the house to improve the energies required for good health and balance, add square shapes and flat items to this area, you will allow energetic movements, which Is an aid to good health.

4. Makes changes to your own room
This is actually one of the most important changes, since it is in you room where you spend a great deal of your time. Reduce electromagnetic fields, especially near you bed.

5. Place objects in certain areas of your home
For good health and for energizing you and your family, try a model of dragon, which is a good health symbol, but do not place it in the bedroom because it has too much energy and would make the bedroom restless instead of restive.

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