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Head Massage Techniques to Relieve Tension

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Head Massage Techniques to Relieve Tension

How to release your tension naturally for face-lift purposes: a gentle head rub is a marvelous way to relax the whole head and face, improving circulation and easing stress. The sequence is easy to give to yourself; you can do it on dry hair or try it in the shower with shampoo. It will give you an invigorating start, or relaxing end, to the day.

1. Place both hands in your hair on top of your head, and rest them there, breathing deeply. Feel the heat gather under your fingers.
2. Move your hands in your air slowly, making firm, circular massage movements all over the top, sides, and back of your skull. Use your thumbs and fingertips to get good pressure, stimulating the scalp and muscles over the skull.

head massage

3. Using the heels of your hands, massage slowly and deeply in the area just above your ears, making circles one way, then the other way. Your cheeks muscles connect in here.
4. Bring the heels of your hands to your temples and repeat the same circular movements-these areas respond well to touch, and a lot of tension is stored here. You are improving muscle tone and circulation close to your eyes.
5. Use your thumbs to massage deeply at the base of the skull behind the ears; this action is wonderfully beneficial to the circulation of the neck and jaw area and helps to prevent migraine.
6. Finally, stroke your head from front to back, running your hands through your hair slowly. This feels very soothing and makes you feel that you are taking care of yourself.

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