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7 Ways for Men to Lose Belly Fat

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7 Ways for Men to Lose Belly Fat

7 Ways for Men to Lose Belly Fat

A lean body is in these days. Getting rid of the unwanted belly fat is important to show off your hard-earned muscles. As with every valuable thing, getting rid of belly fat requires a lot of discipline. While staying focused and disciplined is something that you have to do, here are some techniques to help you get rid of the belly fat.

1. Reduce stress

Stress along with other hazards, increases belly fat. Getting rid of stress reduces production of cortisol in your body. Studies prove that lower cortisol levels are directly proportional to lower fat, specifically around the abdomen. Cortisol is such a good friend of belly fat that it even mitigates the effect of exercise you do to remove fat, so the golden rule is say NO to stress!

2. Welcome greens

Green leafy vegetable are a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Besides keeping you healthy, it helps cut belly fat. Green foods do not contain the harmful form of fat that accumulates in the tummy giving you love handles.

3. Sleep enough

A good 8 hours of sleep is important for getting rid of any fat. Lack of sleep produces the hormone ghrelin which makes you hungry and crave sweet and savory foods that are belly fat favorites. Try to stick to a sleeping pattern, changing the sleeping time and place frequently adds to abdominal fat.

7 Ways for Men to Lose Belly Fat

4. Increase Probiotics

Probiotics are small helpful bacteria found in our gastrointestinal tract and are often found in dairy foods like yogurt or in fermented foods. This bacteria helps maintaining a healthy gut, which is critical to losing belly fat because our gut contains more than half of the neurotransmitters that send signals to our brain. An unhealthy gut leads to a low mood, higher food cravings, and less motivation to exercise.

5. Walk!

Walking is one of the best and most effective exercises we can do for our body. Walking moves your entire body, including belly. Brisk walking burns calories which reduces unwanted fat. Walking partnered with taking stairs is more effective and the best part is that you do not have take time to do them separately. Going to work or cleaning house you can walk and climb while reducing belly fat.

6. Maintain a proper diet

Following a proper diet is more important than we can say, at least 80% of abs are made in the kitchen. Your diet for fat loss should include whole grains because they burn double the calories during digestion. Things that should be a part of your diet include:

A. Green tea– Studies show that drinking 4 cups of green tea daily speeds up metabolism leading to fast fat loss.

B. Lean meat– Lean meats like chicken and fish are a rich source of protein and have a thermogenic effect, it requires around 30% of the calories it contains to digest it which speeds up the calorie burning process.

C. Dairy– Dairy products naturally low in fat are a rich source of vitamin D and calcium. These foods help develop and enhance muscles which is important for a sound metabolism. Please note, products that are not naturally low-fat (i.e. made with skim milk) are often a hotbed of chemicals and sugar which will rapidly undo all your hard work and make you fatter!

7. Exercise daily

This one seems pretty obvious but definitely deserves a mention. Daily exercises like crunches and squats are important for getting and maintaining a flat tummy, especially in the world we live in. Spend at least 15 minutes on your tummy daily to keep it healthy, avoid elevators and walk.

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