20 Signs You Take Your Relationship More Seriously Than Your Partner

20 Signs You Take Your Relationship More Seriously Than Your Partner

Finding love is always an enchanting thing, but after the initial butterflies settle, it comes time to think long term. The answer to “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” may invoke an instant response, one that’s rosy and sweet and involves you achieving your goals with your beloved by your side. But this image in your head may be obscured by a cloud of self-doubt and a nagging sensation that something isn’t exactly as it should be. The missing piece to the puzzle in your relationship could be that one of you is more committed than the other. When it comes to love, most of us play all or nothing, and we shouldn’t settle for anything less with a romantic partner. If you’ve been pondering your future with your significant other and are starting to ask the heavy questions, here are 20 signs you take your relationship more serious than your partner to help guide you toward resolution.

20 Signs You Take Your Relationship More Serious Than Your Partner

1. You Never Fight

This may seem like bliss to some couples, especially when compared to their friends who area always going on about their latest spat with their boyfriend or girlfriend. However, healthy arguing is a sign of closeness. The more people learn about one another and coexist, the more likely they are to find areas in which they disagree. In a stable relationship, effective communication, and mutual respect leads to conductive resolution, which gives way to both individual and couple growth. No fighting at all is a sign that you two aren’t close enough to argue, and that you or your partner aren’t sharing their full opinions and emotions with you.

2. They Never Call

You may have thought they were playing hard to get. Perhaps the challenge was once exciting and drew your toward them, but if you’re in a serious relationship, you shouldn’t be the only one checking in. Couples who are in love want to talk to one another, and each one will take the initiative to call. Not because they have to, but because they want to.

3. You Always Pick the Date

If your partner doesn’t find places they think you will enjoy and eagerly arrange to take you to them, then they probably aren’t as serious as they should be. After all, you always want to put a smile on their face and most likely put the extra thought into finding new restaurants and fun activities to do together. Why don’t they?

4. They Don’t Invite You Anywhere

This goes right in hand with the arrangement of dates. Couples do have their own respective personal lives, but their significant other does become a large part of it once their relationship because more serious. If your partner doesn’t invite you to do things they like, hang out with their friends or anywhere else that they frequent, take that as a sign they don’t view you as a big enough part of their life to include.