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Natural Treatments for Receding Gums

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Natural Treatments for Receding Gums

Natural Treatments for Receding Gums: It Can Simply Change Your Smile !!!!!!!

Poor dental hygiene can lead to periodontitis, which is a gum infection that can break down both gum tissue and bone in the mouth, receding the gum line and causing teeth to loosen and fall out.
The best way to prevent any gum diseases is by daily brushing, flossing, and regular checkups with your dentist plus the help of some natural home remedies.

Natural treatments for receding gums

  • Essential oils

Use eucalyptus essential oil to address receding gums as the oil’s antimicrobial properties kill bacteria related to tartar and plaque buildup. Tea tree and myrrh essential oils may also help combat receding gums.

Dilute six drops in 1 cup of water for mouth rinse or two drops in a small amount of water for direct gum massage.

  • Plant swabs

The sumac tree, a traditional dental care plant, contains astringent properties for cleaning teeth and stimulating gums, Peel back the twig’s outer bark and gently rub the tip along teeth and gums.

Rub the leaves or flower over teeth and gums to reap its astringent and antiseptic properties. Sage is also a particularly beneficial tonic, stimulating to the gums and mucous membrane.

rose vinegar

  • Rose vinegar

To make a mouth rinse specifically targeted at strengthening gums capture the astringent properties of roses in vinegar

Gather and let steep 2.5 ounces of rose petals, place them in a jar, and cover the petals with red wine vinegar for a week before straining.

  • Natural supplements

Taking vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements provides a chemical-free method of strengthening gums and helping fight off bacteria.


  • Oil Pulling
  • Oil pulling is a useful way to reverse receding gums and bleeding gums. Oil pulling also boosts your immune system and eliminates toxins from your mouth. Here is our guide to Oil Pulling:

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