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8 Ways to Relieve Stress Naturally

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8 Ways to Relieve Stress Naturally

A certain amount of stress provides stimulation, while prolonged stress can cause mental and physical damage. The following are examples of factors that affect the body, causing it to make a series of rapid physiological changes called “adaptive responses” to deal with threatening or demanding situations.

Stress can include environmental stresses, such as pollution, noise, housing problems, cold/over-heating, and physical stresses such as illnesses, injuries, inadequate diet, and mental stressors such as relationship problems, financial strain, bereavement and job difficulties, just for starters.

Stress, conflict and worry are poison, not only for your mental well-being, but for your body’s defenses. In order to ease the burden on body and soul:

relieve stress naturally

1- Build in regular breaks during the day for a little “me” time

2- Learn a relaxation technique, such as meditation, yoga, progressive music relaxation, or tai chi

3- Get adequate rest, trying your best to always go to bed at the same time and also get up at the same time every day

4- Pumpkin seeds contain high quantities of zinc, iron and calcium, as well as B vitamins and proteins, which are necessary for brain function, this will help you to deal with stress , oats are also vital for a healthy nervous system. In periods of stress, start the day with oatmeal, which will help to keep you calm, and prevent depression and general debility.

5- Essential oils, such as basil, chamomile, geranium, lavender, neroli and rose are excellent for stress reduction because many of them work on the nervous system and brain to relax and soothe, others uplift, which can be invaluable in times of serious stress.

6- Of course, eating a good, balanced diet will make your body stronger and able to cope more efficiently with stress.

7- B vitamins are often depleted by stress, so ensure that you are getting enough in your diet, or take a good supplement. There is some evidence that bee and flower pollen boosts immunity and energize the body. Vitamin C is a great stress reliever as well, it boosts immunity making you fitter and healthier.

8- There is an amino acid, L-tyrosine, that appears to energize and relieve stress, which improves reactions to stressful situations; staying more alert, less anxious, more efficient, and having fewer complaints of physical discomforts.

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