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Women Are Dying to be Thin

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Women Are Dying to be Thin

The society we live in demands a standard of perfection, a perfection that is totally made up since there is no real measure for beauty, every one of us is a beautiful human being. Nevertheless society and the media does not only degrade women, but have told them how they should look and act, creating unrealistic images and standards that many women literally die trying to live up to, weight being the most powerful one, leading many women into eating disorders.

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This is not a new topic, maybe you have read it before, the important thing here, is to get informed, and inform others, share this info-graphic with as many women as possible in order to change the way society is trying to mold us, women or men. In fact turn off the TV, throw away those magazines that are telling you how to look, because all they are doing is converting you into another clone, nothing more. Where is your uniqueness?
Find the courage, compassion and conviction to move from ‘What will people think?’ to ‘I am enough,’ and your whole world will change in front of you, remember that standards don’t really matter, if you are doing something do it for yourself, because you love yourself and you are worth it.

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