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Do Itchy Breasts Indicate Cancer?

Do Itchy Breasts Indicate Cancer

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You may have itchy breasts, but do not panic. Many conditions besides breast cancer cause this problem. Schedule an appointment to confirm the reason for the itchiness and seek out natural remedies.

Do Itchy Breasts Indicate Cancer

Common Reasons for Breast Itchiness

These conditions usually do not cause death, but you probably do not want to keep living with the discomfort. You also might feel ashamed if someone sees you scratching your breasts in public. 

1. Dry skin

Harsh cleansers can dry out your skin and make you want to itch it. You might also notice that you want to scratch your breasts after swimming in a pool. Some cases may only occur for a temporary period after you take a hot shower or bath. Dry air also can affect your skin and cause it to itch. Use cooler water or apply a lotion or maybe a few drops of olive oil to your breasts.

2. Exzema

This chronic skin condition usually shows up as a rash. You also could find yourself scratching once in a while, and your skin will appear cracked and rough. Triggers may include genetics, pollution or pollen, and food allergies. You can treat it with an herbal cream, cool compress or oral supplement.

3. Psoriasis

These scaly patches also appear red, feel dry, and cause itching. Stress, smoking or excessive alcohol use, or a vitamin D deficiency can trigger this condition. Topical ointments, vitamin supplements or light therapy could provide relief.

5. Sunburns

Usually, symptoms include redness or dryness. However, the skin sometimes feels itchy when it starts to peel. Outside sun and indoor tanning can make your skin itch because of sunburn. Aloe vera can soothe the burning and relieve itching.

6. Yeast infection

 Yeast often grows in any area of the body where excess moisture exists. Itching under the breast along with an odor might indicate a yeast infection. It usually disappears once you clean and dries the area well, but you may need a topical, anti-yeast medication.

7. Your bra

Itchiness sometimes results from not washing your bra for a while. This also happens when the material causes an allergic reaction. Likewise, certain detergents may cause you to itch. You might need to buy a new bra or find a hypoallergenic laundry soap.

Types of Breast Cancer that May Cause Itchiness

Inflammatory breast cancer caused by lymph vessel blockage can result in itching, tenderness, reddening or purpling of the skin, or a heavy, warm feeling in one breast. Skin thickening may occur too. 

Paget’s disease also can cause itchiness. This condition often has similar symptoms as dermatitis. It usually affects the skin surrounding the nipple. It often occurs with ductal cancer in women 50 years or older.

Paget’s disease and other cancer cases treated early before spreading can often be reversed. Herbal remedies with green tea, echinacea, garlic, and other antioxidant-rich substances often reduce symptoms including itchiness.

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