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Are Laxatives Making Your Constipation Worse Beyond Repair?

Are Laxatives Making Your Constipation Worse Beyond Repair.

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There is no doubt that in the process of eliminating constipation forever you’ll find yourself in the position of getting rid of the laxatives in your current diet regime.

Are Laxatives Making Your Constipation Worse Beyond Repair.

These laxatives come in many forms such as:

• Bulking laxatives (the most common one out there ‘on the market’: fiber!)
• Stimulant laxatives
• Osmotic laxatives
• Herbal laxatives
• Stool softeners

There is no doubt that the relief that comes from a laxative that works when you’re suffering from intense constipation feels like heaven. However, the perception that laxatives are reliable, safe, and the answer to your digestive ailment is just an illusion.

The truth is that they are incredibly dangerous over time.

Sure, they give you a little relief today, but in some tomorrow not far away you’ll finally see the damage they’ve done.

I can’t tell you the amount people that have come with the story that everything was going fine and dandy when using laxatives to relieve their constipation until one day, without any prior notice, the laxative stopped working.

More accurately, it wasn’t so much that the laxative stopped working, it was that their body stopped responding to the laxative. The laxative stayed the same; it was the body that changed.

That’s what laxatives do. They slowly condition your bowels to not operate with their own innate wisdom by slowly teaching them to rely on an outside cause to effect an inner bowel movement. They literally change the workings of the bowels by signally them to ‘play dead’.

Now, you may be saying, ‘Well Cheryl, my bowels weren’t even moving that well in the first place’.

I understand.

I’m not some health god that has never made a mistake; I’m a person, just like you, who decided to not stop for anything until I cracked the code to curing my digestive problem. Most peoples laxative of choice is excessive amounts of fiber. I didn’t know it, but when I ate large amounts of fiber I was stretching out my colon unnaturally. When the effectiveness of the fiber began to wane I started to really question what was going on. Little did I know at the time that the fiber was feeding the bad pathogens I had in my unhealthy gut as well.

When I discovered that the only people who were NATURALLY 100% FREE from their constipation for good were the ones that had completely given up laxatives I knew that was a big piece to the puzzle. I’m so grateful that I met these people and the lessons they taught me. This is why I share it all with you… I’m just passing it on.

Reflecting back on it, the very fact that someone is using a laxative means they aren’t free from constipation.

There’s no two ways about it.

Now the act of actually coming off the laxatives can be quite easy or a little challenging depending on your current use of them, how long you’ve been relying on laxatives, and the overall health of your gut.

It relies on you very slowing reducing your laxative intake, whilst increasing your intake of good healthy fats into your diet and reducing protein and carbohydrate intake if it is currently above these following requirements…

Fat: 60-70%

Protein: 15-20%

Carbohydrates: 20-25%

It is a real balancing act and should never be rushed.

Your carbohydrate intake per day should be at least 400 calories (100grams) from fruit, vegetables and safe starches such as potato and rice (if you’re able to currently handle them) which will keep you out of ketosis. I also recommend not eating any raw plant foods as your gut just isn’t up to that stage yet. Instead, cook your vegetables thoroughly.

To relieve any constipation that may arise whilst getting rid of laxatives from your life, I recommend giving yourself an enema. This is the safest way to eliminate any backed up stools. Do this every 2-3 days if need be. If for some reason you just hate enemas and need some sort of ‘laxative’ the least harmful one I know is to take 1,000mg of vitamin C every hour (or 2,000mg once every two hours), while you are awake until you reach bowel tolerance which is when your stools become loose. I do not endorse this at all as I know that the enema is much more healthier, but I just felt I should put it out there for those who find enemas unbearable.

Bio: Cheryl Lane is a writer with a passion for holistic health. From research and personal experience of experimenting with different protocols, She believes She have collect a strong knowledge on what is effective and what isn’t. She decided to create Full No More, this blog to get that very information out there to the world and help you cure your constipation for good.

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