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St’ Patrick’s Sweet Green Pretzels

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St' Patrick's Sweet Green Pretzels

St’ Patrick’s Sweet Green Pretzels

St. Patrick’s Day, named after St Patrick, the most commonly recognized of the Patron Saints of Ireland , is a saint´s religious feast day that Irish have adopted over 1,000 years.  But St. Patrick’s Day, is also known for its very own and delicious shamrocks, and and here’s a tasty new twist on the traditional St. Patrick’s Day shamrock!

A super-easy-to-do sweet green pretzels fashioned from canned refrigerated bread stick dough and coated with a sprinkling of colored sugar and cinnamon, mmm just to write it down makes me hungy!

st patrick day


Canned refrigerated bread stick dough
Colored sugar

Directions :

To create the clover shape, mold 3 sections of bread sticks into hearts and press them together as shown. Attach a small stem, decorate, bake according to the package directions, as simple as that, you just need to be creative and make as many twists as you want on the traditional ones!

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