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Healthier Gift Giving

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Healthier Gift Giving

If you have someone that is super hard to buy for, or is embracing a healthier lifestyle, or suffering from a chronic illness, or if you are so excited about your own healthy life that you want to share it with everyone, some of these items may help you out!

  • Dark chocolate – delicious, and it has antioxidants, get the good stuff, usually European
  • A tea tray and tea assortment, for the same reasons
  • Flowers– flowers always send a caring message, better yet a flowering plant they can keep or a houseplant that’s an air purifier
  • Music – in the form of CD’s, concert tickets, or ITunes, the music lover on your list will love it
  • A session with a personal trainer or nutritionist –  the nutritionist can be wonderful for the newly diagnosed diabetic, or anyone with a chronic illness, a session with a personal trainer is something many of us dream of and think is out of our reach
  • On that note, some basic home exercise equipment and/or workout DVDs, if you know for sure the person wants them!
  • Healthy oils and vinegars for someone who loves to cook, or a gift certificate to a Whole Foods Market or kitchen specialty store
  • A massage – any kind… personally I would love this, hint hint…
  • If you have a loved one going through chemotherapy, natural shampoos, deodorants, etc can be a lovely and welcome gift
  • Puzzles, word games, anything to keep a mind active and strong
  • for people with Alzheimer’s, music from when they were younger, soft fleecy blankets, many people miss their former roles, so setting something up for them to knit, or build things, or something similar can ease their stress
  • A selection of nuts, pistachios or raw almonds are good choices
  • A bottle of red wine –  yes it is good for you, in moderation, as are a lot of things

For more please see source: http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/QAA400098/Ideas-For-Healthy-Gift-Giving.html

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