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7 Signs You’re Being Used

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7 Signs You're Being Used

7 Signs You’re Being Used

We come in contact with many people in our daily lives. Some of them become our friends, unfortunately some will pretend to be your friend to fulfil their selfish needs. Some people only talk to you because they think you might be of help to them. It’s easy to identify these people, you may want to consider getting rid of them. A list of 7 signs you’re being used by a friend and its time to re-evaluate or dump this friendship:

signs you're being used

1. You only hear from your friend when they need something

The biggest sign that indicates a fake friendship is that your friend will only contact you when he/she needs something. It can be anything, something tangible like a book, car, or dress, or a favor like giving them a ride, or doing something for them. You should help your friends with things, but if someone calls you when he/she needs something its time to say goodbye.

2. Making plans with your friends without you

If you introduced your friend to other members of your circle and that friend started making plans with them without you, it can be a sign that your selfish friend is using you in another way. If this happens once overlook it, if its happening frequently it shows the friendship is becoming toxic. Frequent plans without you may pull your other friends away from you.

3. Betrayal

Trust is the most basic thing required for any relationship to flourish, friendship is no exception. If your friend is using your personal information to make personal gains it means that he/she is betraying you and is not trustworthy. It may be gossiping about you and disclosing your secrets or flirting with the object of your affections.

4. You are constantly told NO

We all have expectations from our friends and count on them. If you are doing everything you should do as a friend and not getting anything when you are in need and only hearing the word No its another sign of fake friendship. It may not be when you need something, maybe you’re calling them to hangout with you. Not getting your friend when you need them is an indication of something wrong.

5. Your friend pressures you

In any friendship things should be decided mutually. If your friend is frequently pressuring you to do things they want and do not care what you want, its time to sever the friendship. Everything that happens in a friendship should involve mutual consent and there should be no coercion.

6. Lies

If your friend is lying to you even about small things like going to a movie or borrowing a book its another indication of a toxic friendship. Its better to be honest and say something you don’t want to hear than lying and saying something that pleases us.

7. You get invited at the last minute, if at all

If your friend is inviting you to join them for various activities at the last minute knowing it will be hard for you to join the invitation is just a formality.

signs you're being used

7 Signs You’re Being Used

Edited By Stephanie Dawson
[Last Updated on May 20th 2014]

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