The Pain of Masooma [18+]

Masooma is only 6 years old, and yet she has suffered from the worst pains that one can ever imagine. She is suffering from a rare and mysterious condition that started from her early ages. Now she has sores, bleeding and pain on all over her body, because her skin is constantly detaching from the underlying layers. Masooma is from a small village in southern Iran and she didn’t have access to any medical center, because her family couldn’t afford it.
After a journalist reported her condition couple of weeks ago, many people donated money to cover her medical expenses and send her to the capital city for treatment. The latest news is that she has been brought to one of the best medical centers in the country and examined by a team of specialties, but apparently there is no cure for this condition. Here are couple of her pictures! You can feel the pain penetrating through her skin. Masooma and her family need your prayers.























Source: Mehr News Agency, Iran