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The 7 Weirdest Places You Can Get An S Disease

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The 7 Weirdest Places You Can Get An S Disease

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The 7 Weirdest Places You Can Get An S Disease

Even though you are cautious when making love and get tested regularly for S transmitted infections, there is still the possibility of contracting one. These persistent invaders can hide in places you never even thought they could. See below so you can have the upper hand and win the war against these crusaders.

Tanning Beds

It’s true that the hot temperatures can kill a large variety of bacteria strains. Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to tanning beds. HPV (Human Papillomavirus) can thrive in tanning beds making you susceptible to contracting genital warts. The mere thought of this will probably make most people favor the Casper look this upcoming summer.


Pieces of leftover lunch aren’t the only thing you may find in you man’s beard. Although it’s extremely rare, it is possible for parasites to take up residence in a man’s beard in the form of scabies, herpes or even crabs! This occurrence rate is highest when having relations with an infected partner.

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As wonderful as kissing is, developing herpes is not. Take dual diligence and politely decline if your better half has a breakout.

Speaking of Rabbits

While it’s true that HPV is spread through !ntimate relations, it’s also possible to contract while dry humping. if there are lumps or bumps from HPV, tiny breaks in the skin is the perfect opportunity for infection to spread. Although the rate of incidence is low, it’s still possible along with other types of bacterial infections.

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Sharing Razors

Most of us don’t think twice about grabbing another person’s razor to shave. Unfortunately, doing so can have unpleasant repercussions. When a person is infected with HPV and uses a razor, it’s possible for an uninfected individual to contract it if they nick their skin. The risk is even higher when shaving in personal areas. Play it smart and stock up on razors when they are on sale.

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No harm in sharing towels, right? Contrary to belief, many types of STIs can be transmitted by sharing a towel to include scabies, pubic lice and a few others that are equally yucky. Many strains of bacteria are able to live up to 45 minutes outside the human body and the damp, moist environment of the bath makes for a superior host.

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Women and men alike will gasp when they read this, but it must be written. Although the occurrence is low, it’s possible to contract infections through waxing. Nicks in the skin and sharing of wax is a big NO! Check out the salon where you get your wax on and make sure everything is sterile.

Taking a few extra precautions now will save you a lot of headaches down the road. This doesn’t mean you need to wrap yourself in plastic wrap or live in a bubble. Simply make a few lifestyle changes to ensure the best health possible.

Know these 7 Common Places You Can Get An STI

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