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How too Much Screening Time Could Be Aging You Prematurely

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How too Much Screening Time Could Be Aging You Prematurely

How too Much Screening Time Could Be Aging You Prematurely

Your eyes, heart, and skin are affected by too much screen time. Are you on the computer a lot or one who is often in front of a screen? This needs your attention.

Per facial expert Sarah Chapman, the hours and minutes you invest in your computer or mobile screens every day may result in premature aging of your jawline and neck. Chapman says, “We spend around 411 minutes a day looking at screens — that’s a lot of time spent with your chin tucked under and your face tilted at a 45º angle.” Aging and skin creasing is inevitable if you keep spending your days in front of screens.

How too Much Screening Time Could Be Aging You Prematurely

The UV rays emitted by screens cause premature aging. Dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, MD at Schweiger Dermatology Group, said that due to upgraded technology it’s not too harsh on the skin. LED screens do not emit UV radiation and are safer for your skin. If, however, you are still working on those big CRT monitors from the 90s then nothing can stop it from causing premature aging.

If you use LCD or LED screens, they emit LED light which can damage your eyes. It looks like there is no solution and we must give up technology, or at least cut way down on use.
Take precautions while working on screens that emit harmful UV rays, there are several ways you can protect your eyes and skin. Even a little interaction between you and your screen can damage your skin and cause slackening around your neck. Here is a possible list of what your screen can do to you:

• Premature frown lines if you squint or frown while concentrating on the screen.

• Continuously sitting in the same position for long periods can increase risk of jowls.

• You can get turkey neck as your neck muscles shorten and sag if you have a habit of looking down while working.

Young people, men and women, are more exposed to this risk as they use computers and phones more than their older counterparts. Cosmetic surgeons report that they have been treating more young people with these issues.

Recent research can threaten you even more, it shows that prolonged exposure to screens may result in rashes, discoloration, wrinkles, blotches, and skin allergies. If you already have skin problems like rosacea, sunburn, or sun sensitivity you could be at higher risk.
What you can do?

• Take breaks frequently and look away from the screen to a distant wall or object.

• Go for a short walk or talk to a colleague. This will help you feel relaxed and be away from the screen.

• Stretch your neck, look right then left.

• Avoid looking down by adjusting your computer’s position.

• Wear skin care products to protect you from harmful rays, there are several types available.

• Buy an anti-glare screen and fit it on your computer to cut UV rays and the glare of blue light.

• Clean your computer screen daily and remove dust. Maintain adequate distance from the screen.

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