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9 Steps Women Go Through When They Realize They Have Relationship Problems

9 Steps Women Go Through When They Realize He Doesn't Feel the Same

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Having a boy in your life can make you feel wanted, popular and elated. The feeling that you get from a new love relationship can take you to emotional highs that you never thought you would reach. Unfortunately, a failed or missed relationship can take you down to the emotional abyss. Sometimes, no matter what you do, a boy is just not that into you. You can survive if you speak to someone about relationship counseling as soon as you recognize the signs. The following are nine normal things that you may go through if a guy just isn’t into you.

1. Embarrassment

Embarrassment is that hot-cheeked angry-bashful feeling you get when you first find out that a boy does not share your romantic enthusiasm. The shame of embarrassment may cause you to hide from your friends and family members for a while.

2. Betrayal

You will probably feel betrayed at some point, especially if the boy was leading you to think that he was interested when he was not. Distancing and passive aggression are signs of betrayed feelings.

3. Denial

You may be in denial if you try to make excuses for the boy’s behavior. You may tell yourself things like “he’s just shy” or “he’s been through a lot” when the truth is that he just isn’t into you. Denial can last weeks or months. Relationship advice from an expert can help you to advance to the next stage.

4. Pain

The raw pain will begin once you realize that someone you loved didn’t feel the same way you did. The pain will feel much like someone is twisting a sharp object into your chest, but it will subside in due time.

5. Preoccupation

You may replay the incident many times throughout the day and regret the way things went. Do not do this to yourself, as you cannot change what occurred.

6. Anger

You may get mad at the boy for treating you as if you are insignificant. Anger is a normal stage. Acting on that anger is unacceptable, however.

7. Frustration

You may get frustrated if you cannot get the boy to change his mind about not choosing you. Frustration may arise if he plays the push-pull game with you, as well. You can ride the storm and make it to the next stage with the help of an experienced relationship therapy provider.

8. Acceptance

Soon you will realize that you cannot change or control what other people do. For every boy who isn’t into you, there is one in the world who is. Brush yourself off and get back on the social horse.

9. Recovery

One day, you will look back at the guy who wasn’t into you and wonder why you were into him in the first place. Hopefully, you will be with your husband at that point.

Edited by: Jessa (Feb. 28, 2019)

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