Can Getting It on Affect the Size of Your Lady Part?

Can Getting It on Affect the Size of Your Lady Part?

Can Getting It on Affect the Size of Your Lady Part?

Countless women have been told that they will become loose and unpleasurable if they frequently have physical love act. Though this is a common claim, it may not actually be true. Gynecologists and other healthcare professionals explain whether or not this can actually happen to a woman’s lady part.


A Common Worry Among Women
It is natural for women to want to please their partner during a session of lovemaking. Sadly, there are many misconceptions among both genders. Many men desire tightness without realizing that extreme tightness is actually caused by nervousness and a lack of arousal. A truly enthusiastic partner will feel a little more accommodating while still maintaining firm pressure.

However, many women still worry that they are not tight enough. This fear is made worse by the misconception that a lot of lovemaking can somehow stretch out the lady part.

Doctors Explain the Truth
Dr. Lauren Streicher, a professor of gynecology at Northwestern University, uses logic to dismiss these worries. A woman’s private parts are designed to adjust in size so they can accommodate childbirth. Even the largest man is not that big, and women’s private parts return to their original size after childbirth.

A woman will be a little larger immediately after lovemaking, but she will return to her original size in just a few minutes. There is no way for lovemaking, even constant lovemaking with a massive man, to affect a woman’s natural size. Gynecologists even agree that they cannot tell how much lovemaking a woman has had during a medical examination.

How Female Parts Actually Work
The reason that lovemaking cannot change size is that the inner walls of female parts, called rugae, are actually very large. Excessive blood flow during arousal or childbirth allows the rugae to expand temporarily. Large objects can easily pass through without stretching out the rugae. The rugae are contained by the muscles of the pelvic floor.

1 Can Getting It on Affect the Size of Your Lady Part?