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She Puts Borax Under the Fridge. The Reason? Watch…

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She Puts Borax Under the Fridge. The Reason? Watch...

She Puts Borax Under the Fridge. The Reason? Watch…

Keeping a home clean is now easier than ever! Borax is one of the most useful products to have at home because it can offer all manner of cleaning solutions. People have been using borax for more than a century because of all the uses it has. As the video shows, a woman puts borax and sugar mix on a baking sheet and slides it under the fridge. After a while she pulls the sheet out and sees roaches dying left and right.

She Puts Borax Under the Fridge. The Reason? Watch...

Borax is a great carpet cleaner, as well, and it does wonders for sinks that need a bit of shine. It can even be used on porcelain, so scrubbing your toilet has just become easier. Borax and water mixed into a paste can also be the perfect solution for the mold that can grow in the grout between bathroom tiles. Rub it in the affected area with a hard brush and start seeing the mold disappear.

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If you are looking for a great room deodorant without harsh chemicals, borax added to water with a few drops of your favorite essential oils can do the trick. A few sprays of this mixture and your home will smell delicious. For pet beds, skip the essential oils and you can get the right smell-neutralizing mixture. And it can even help you wash delicate fabrics that might be damaged by harsh cleaners. Borax in water with a bit of liquid detergent can help you clean your hair brushes so that they look new, and can also help with stains and odors caused by your pets.

With borax in your home, you can get the cleanliness you want!

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