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6 Top Natural Exercises To Burn Down Your Face Fat

6 Top Natural Exercises To Burn Down Your Face Fat

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Who knows best about facial appearance and glowing skin? The answer is obviously women. The face is one of the most important parts of the body that is noticed in the first instance. It is obviously the main requirement for a better personality. Beauty at its best will definitely give more ranking to a well-structured face. With the increasing age and unhealthy food habits, fats get accumulated in various part of the face that indirectly hampers the overall look of it. High cheekbones and chiseled jawline are some of the most on demand look that is desired by most women.

6 Top Natural Exercises To Burn Down Your Face Fat

With various numbers of products claiming to slim down your face fat, it has become very important to apply the genuine process that has long-lasting results. Exercises can help in this regard to remove unwanted fats on the face and provide a sharp edge face that is always attractive. Proper toning of the face can be done by several types of exercises that are easy to perform and also provide guaranteed results.


It seems very disgusting as how a smiling face can help to cut those fats. This is really very interesting and a proven fact that a smiling face will never attract fats on it. Fats that are getting deposited near the cheek area will be more affected by smiling.  While smiling, the muscle of the cheeks gets stretched and thus fats are cut down. Try to give a good smile as and when required. This will help to improve in order to get face and will also improve your social relationships.

Pulling the Lips

Lip pulling is a very effective kind of exercise that can provide the desired results.  It is one of the best exercises that can be done at home in order to lift all the face muscles. You can practice this exercise in both a sitting and standing position. Try to lift the lower lip by pushing lower jaw out. You are going to feel high tension and stretch in chin muscles as well as jawline. Try to remain in this pose for 15 seconds and then relax. Repeat the same exercise for 15 times on a daily basis. You can also refer Well Massive to get the guidance for lip pulling exercise.

X-O Pose

Several kinds of face movements can help to regain the proper structure of the face. There are common kinds of face movements that are easy to practice in order to get toned face structure. Try to pronounce letter X and O in a continuous manner, which will help to get rid of those chubby cheeks. It will get involve the neck, cheeks and jaw muscles in the entire process. Try to burn down your fats from the cheeks to get better face.

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Blowing Air Pose

This exercise is considered as one of the most effective kind of exercise that can effectively help to remove those chubby cheeks and reduce double chin.  It mainly targets the neck muscles and jaws. This exercise is also considered as a natural method to get a leaner face structure. Try to blow out air from the mouth as if you are blowing a balloon. Continue the process for 10 seconds and repeat the same for 15-20 times.

Stretching Face Muscles

Face muscles can be easily stretched with the help of your own hand. It is easy to perform and can provide guaranteed results if done on regular basis. Try to lower down the chin as if it starts touching your chest. Then try to pull down the skin as if it moves just below cheekbones. Pronounce “AH” after that to come back to normal position. Repeat this step for few more times a day.

Jaw Release

The jaw release exercise is very interesting as it helps to reduce double chin problem. It will help to stretch and work on the muscles surrounding the cheeks, lips, and jaws. Move your jaw in chewing pose and keep the mouth closed. Open up your mouth and keep the tongue slightly pressed towards the bottom teeth. Hold it for a few seconds and then relax. Repeat the same for 15 times on a daily basis.

All the above mentioned facial exercises may sound silly, but are very effective to provide guaranteed results within a specified period of time.

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