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How To Prepare For Coronavirus And What Should I Do If I Have Symptoms?

How To Prepare For Coronavirus And What Should I Do If I Have Symptoms?

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Covid-19 is a wide-world spread illness having its origins in the Huanan seafood wholesale market in the center of Wuhan, China. This member of the coronavirus family has never been seen among humans before. Its initial source was an animal, who transmitted a virus to humans. As of 2 March, an estimated 87,000 people were affected globally. In mainland China, 56% have already recovered and 3.6% have died. After conquesting Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Covid-19 goes further. Lately, its cases continue to be confirmed in the United States with more than 90 cases and six deaths confirmed. Health experts have known already that the virus’s transmission in the country is inevitable. It’s, therefore, important to prepare for coronavirus and be aware of what steps to follow to reduce risks of spreading out of control. Let’s review symptoms, and specialists’ advice regarding coronavirus COVID-19. 

How To Prepare For Coronavirus And What Should I Do If I Have Symptoms?
How To Prepare For Coronavirus And What Should I Do If I Have Symptoms?

Try not to panic, when online information starts to overwhelm you. They are not always coming from trustworthy sources. We already know that! COVID-19 outbreak is a serious public health concern, but the majority of infected people do not become seriously ill. Only a minimal percentage requires intensive care. prepare for coronavirus, warn your family, get acknowledged with the medical facts of major importance in case your community is affected by the virus, and… remember not to panic! 

Are there any other basic facts to know about COVID-19 that will let us prepare for coronavirus? Antibiotics won’t help. Not because it’s a new virus, but just because it’s a virus. In such cases, antibiotics are never prescribed. Neither the antiviral drugs we already have will work. The ones we have, are not prepared to fight with the new virus. So, what will help, instead? All that we have is our immune system and recovery depends on its strength. Many lethal cases were in very poor health already. 

The virus is transmitted from one person to another so in order not to be infected, it’s smart to keep away from infected people. The funny part is that you never know if someone is affected, because COVID-19 is, in many cases, asymptomatic. This part of the story forces whole nations, like Italy, to order the national quarantine! But if symptoms occur, which are they? Coronavirus can cause coughs, fever and breathing difficulties. These are the most common signs of the illness. It can cause pneumonia, and, in very severe cases, organ failure and death. 

What to do if you already have a cough or other symptoms? If you suspect that your “flu” can be coronavirus-related because you’ve recently traveled or you had contact with ill people, don’t go to the hospital. That will expose others and do much more harm! Call an emergency and make them come to your house. This way, you will contribute to social safety.  

How to prepare for coronavirus if there is no antidote? Well, there is. You and your family can act in a way that will prevent you from falling sick! By following some basic steps, you’ll minimize its powers of affecting you.  

Boring, as it is: just wash your hands! Every time you come back from the outside or after you meet people. Not only wet your hands with clean running water but get yourself a disinfectant liquid, alcohol-based hand sanitizers (at least 60 percent alcohol), and use it as often as needed. Don’t avoid working hard on the backs of your hands, between your fingers or under your nails. Scrub it for at least 20 seconds! Seriously, it may sound like nothing, but washing your hands will help you to prevent catching coronavirus. Afterward, dry your hands with a clean towel or let them air dry. Remember to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

If someone around you is showing flu- or cold-like symptoms, avoid them like fire (stay at least six feet away)! The virus seems to spread through droplets in the air from a cough or sneeze, so keeping yourself away from such situations will do you good. If you are sneezing or coughing, direct it into your elbow. In general, what we are doing here is trying to contain all germs in one place. Practice the famous “Ebola handshake,” to prepare for coronavirus. What is it? It consists of greeting others with elbow bumps. It’s a fun game!

Moreover, there is a fashionista trend to wear a mask. Again, if you are infected, avoid affecting others. Specialists say that face masks don’t do much to protect you, though. Most surgical masks are too loose to prevent inhalation of the virus, and they are not recommended if you’re healthy (unless you are a health care worker).

How To Prepare For Coronavirus And What Should I Do If I Have Symptoms?

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