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What To Know Before Taking Apple Cider Vinegar Pills To Lose Weight


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There are plenty of weight-loss remedies going around that people swear by. One of the current topics is apple cider vinegar either in liquid form or in vinegar pills to help us lose weight. Is this another lie? Does it benefit some things but not others? Vinegar does have health benefits, there are risks too. Let’s see what these benefits are and if they are worth it.

According to some magazine articles, Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health being two of the most informative ones, we should be careful when considering this remedy to aid weight loss. Vinegar is an acid. If you do decide to try the liquid, dilute it in water or drink so you won’t damage your esophagus. Dilution will help with the overall taste too. While it can be said that apple cider vinegar is an appetite reducer, the means in which it does so is not pleasant.

Nausea. That’s right. It makes you miserable.

Dear reader, if you can get past the taste of the liquid or shell out the money for the vinegar pills, they may most likely will, cause nausea. A study by Pubmed shows that the subjects in this case study did lose weight, but it was because they felt nauseated. Who wants to eat then? Nausea has the side effect of you not proceeding with your other weight loss aids like walking. This will become more detrimental to losing weight in the long run.

It wasn’t effective because vinegar does not have fat-burning properties or a metabolism booster. Talking with a nutritionist will aid in your discovery of natural boosters such as greek yogurt, lean proteins, and certain greens. Consider consulting with a nutritionist to find what will be best for you in your weight loss journey. Vinegar is not going to be on a nutritionist’s list, not in liquid or pill form.

This natural remedy does have other benefits. Studies, such as the one here, have shown that it may reduce blood sugar and aid in controlling cholesterol levels. Blood sugar studies are still inconclusive, so proceed with caution. As always, please consult a medical professional before proceeding with any ‘remedy’.

Vinegar does more. It kills bad breath, smelly feet and can be used to wash fruits and vegetables without that awful chemical smell. The Cosmopolitan article has a concise list of benefits and other bogus claims that are researched properly.

Does apple cider vinegar or vinegar pills help with weight loss? If you want to lose weight because you are nauseated all the time, go for it. I wouldn’t recommend it. Neither would most medical professionals or those that love and care for you. If you want to use vinegar for what it is actually beneficial for (washing produce, rinsing your mouth to get rid of morning breath, washing your stinky feet), please, do so. As research on this natural remedy progresses, we may find more benefits that will make it worth your while. Maybe even bearing with nasty nausea.

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