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Can ‘Self-Love’ Make your Male Private Parts Larger or Smaller?


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Let’s get right to the matter at hand, pleasuring or loving yourself does not affect the size of male genitalia. This is just an example of the list of misconceptions about self-love and private parts. Pleasuring yourself is natural and not harmful. Here we will touch upon some of the misbeliefs.

Can ‘Self-Love’ Make your Male Private Parts Larger or Smaller?

The myths of penile shrinking
Research is unclear concerning the origin of the myth that manually loving yourself causes penile shrinkage. Still, people have misbeliefs. Some people believe this myth is because they mistakenly believe that a man’s testosterone levels are lowered when he ejaculates.

A lot of people also think that a man’s testosterone level impact on the size of his member. Thus they think less testosterone equals a smaller member. That’s false. Here’s why:

A man’s testosterone levels rise briefly when a man engages in coitus or pleasures himself. They drop briefly after he ejaculates and then returns to normal. Serum testosterone levels, the quantity of testosterone that occurs in a man’s bloodstream naturally, is not, in the long term, at all impacted by pleasuring oneself.

Testosterone is not the only factor related to arousal. Arousal is also influenced by one’s diet, lifestyle, overall health, and state of mind. Testosterone levels have little to do with member size. The size of one’s genitalia is mainly the result of genetics.

Can pleasuring myself stunt my growth?
No. Several hormones are needed for growth but the temporary lowering of testosterone levels following ejaculation doesn’t impact the body’s overall quantities of testosterone. Exposure to pollutants, an unhealthy diet and not exercising enough, have more of an impact than self-pleasuring.

Can self-love make my private parts grow?
No. This misbelief may have been born of the fact that men can do male Kegel exercises. In addition to these exercises, penile tissue and muscle manipulations such as self-pleasuring can improve bladder health do not equate to an increase in size either.

Can changes in lifestyle affect size?
No, not really. Changes in your exercise regime, diet and substance use will impact on your overall health. It will not, however, increase or decrease the size of your member.

However, the health of the male member is often related to blood flow. When a man becomes aroused, his blood flows into a trio of pieces of cylindrical tissue inside the penile shaft. Anything that improves blood flow is going to be good for a man’s private parts.


Health tips
These tips won’t make anyone’s member bigger, but they can provide sturdier healthier erections.
Work to reduce your stress
Exercise on a regular basis
Reduce or stop using alcohol
Quit smoking
Eat spinach and/or other foods that contain a lot of folates
Take vitamin D supplements
Eat foods rich in L-arginine such as oatmeal or take L-arginine supplements
Drink coffee, caffeinated tea, or other caffeinated beverages

Pleasuring yourself will not impact on the size of male genitalia. It’s even educational. It helps you understand what makes you happy in the bedroom.

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