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What Is Circumcision? 9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Male Circumcision, but Should


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If a boy is born to a set of parents, the issue of male circumcision will need to be discussed. In western cultures, this early medical procedure is considered to be standard. More and more parents, however, are choosing to leave their newborn boys intact for many reasons.

What Is Circumcision? 9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Male Circumcision, but Should

The practice of cutting away a newborn boy’s foreskin comes from the belief that this will aid in a more healthy upbringing. It can help prevent problems in adulthood with infections and sexual function. It also satisfies many cultural expectations regarding the birth of a boy.

More and more, foreskin removal is becoming elective and optional as a medical procedure. The more parents know about what this act entails, the more they will be able to make a good decision when their boy is born. Here are a few facts that will interest all parents.

1. Foreskin removal does not necessarily aid cleanliness.

In the past, it was believed that men who are intact have a harder time keeping their privates clear of things like fungus and bacteria. The fact is, with a good bathing regimen, all males can keep their privates clean and healthy. Parents should teach young boys early on about the best way to clean their bodies.

2. Babies are aware of pain.

Circumcision can be fairly traumatic for newborns. Though crying is commonplace for every type of expression, newborn boys are especially sensitive to pain. Just because a boy cannot speak, it doesn’t mean he cannot experience the fear associated with pain. Virtually no male will remember the pain felt from his surgery, but it is real to him when it happens.

3. Not removing foreskin can create problems later on.

Some intact men will experience problems with body functions later on because of excess skin. The foreskin that is too tight can cause phimosis. This is when the foreskin is too narrow to allow proper male expansion. It can also present a problem during functions like urination. It is very difficult to tell if a male will have this problem, and this is why some parents choose to have their boy’s foreskin removed.

4. Circumcised men report sensitivity problems.

When a boy lives without a foreskin, his body can develop callouses. This is known as keratinization, and it can reduce sensitivity during sexual functions. Psychological factors make most men unaware of these sensitivity issues, but they can become important later in life.

5. Most of the world does not consider male circumcision important.

The vast majority of the world’s parents do not have their newborn boys circumcised. This is a cultural and economic decision. Circumcision practices are largely determined by cultural norms, but they are also supported by solid biological science.

6. Boys will be curious about their bodies.

All boys will interact with other boys at some point. Yes, they will compare certain body parts. It is important that parents are prepared to answer questions that their boys will have about appearances. Being intact has nothing to do with degrees of manliness.

7. Tradition is important

There is nothing wrong with electing to have your boy circumcised. This is especially true when it comes to upholding cultural and family traditions. With education, a boy can learn why his surgery is important to becoming a member of a close community.

8. Circumcision is a simple procedure.

The foreskin is full of nerves and blood vessels, but removing it very simple. The more skilled a doctor is at this procedure, the more natural functions will be preserved. All men who have had their foreskins removed wear unique scars. Some men have this surgery done later in life. The results are the same, but some adjustments may be necessary.

9. Some men actively try to reverse their circumcisions.

Many modern men have evaluated their lives in light of having their foreskin removed. Certain psychological factors can contribute to a feeling of incompleteness. Fortunately, there are numerous surgical procedures and therapies available to help with these feelings.

In the scope of a man’s life, male circumcision is an issue with relatively low priority. As a boy grows, he will learn to love his body no matter what early procedures were performed. One of the biggest jobs of parents is to fully educate a boy on how to care for his body and to help him understand that he is unique and powerful.

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