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This Sex Survey by TickPick Shows How Satisfied You Are in the Bedroom, According to Your Taste In Music

This Sex Survey by TickPick Shows How Satisfied You Are in the Bedroom, According to Your Taste In Music

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A recent sex survey by Tickpick shows surprising information on how different genres of music express different attitudes towards sex. The kind of music you listen to most often is linked with your sexual preferences, fetishes, and how satisfied you are in the bedroom. Let’s explore this survey and its results!

The Facts About Music and Sex
TickPick surveyed 1,010 sexually active people who are avid music listeners. Here are some of the surprising results: Country fans were the most satisfied with their sex lives, coming out on top with 63% satisfaction. people who favor blues music lasted the longest in the bedroom, with an average of 16 minutes. Fans of rap and hip hop were the least likely to give oral sex. 1 in 4 folk fans have cried during sex.

Music tastes also link to whether or not people prefer to be on top or on the bottom. The survey shows that those into EDM, Reggae, Folk, Jazz, and Blues prefer to be on top. Meanwhile, those who like Country, Showtunes, Pop, Indie Rock, and Alternative are likely to be on the bottom.

Why does this happen?
The content of country music often explores sex through topics of intimacy, connection, and partnership. Romantic takes on sex that are expressed in many country songs lead to Country fans being the most satisfied. Pop fans, on the other hand, were the least satisfied with the sex. This is likely because of the repeated references to aggression and sexual pain that is often expressed in pop music. The demographics of pop music is also on the younger side, and understand sexual satisfaction less.

Music and Position Preferences
The sex survey also mentions that a person’s taste in music is linked to the sex positions they prefer. Among all music fans that were surveyed, the top 5 positions were doggy style, missionary, cowgirl, and spooning. Rap fans were more likely to enjoy doggy style, Pop fans prefer missionary, and heavy metal listeners enjoy cowgirl. Folk fans preferred spooning the most.

Music and Sexual Compatibility
Tickpick’s survey shows that couples who have similar interests in music are more satisfied in the bedroom than couples with different tastes. 79.6% of couples with similar tastes were satisfied, while only 43.6% of couples with different tastes were satisfied. Couples with similar tastes also had more monthly sex on average than those with different tastes. Those with similar tastes were 3 times more likely to listen to music during sex.

Music and Sexual Fetishes
Fans of particular music genres are more likely to have sexual fetishes. Fans of EDM, Heavy Metal, and Jazz had fetishes more often than those who like Country, Pop, and Classic Rock. Those who are into Indie Rock were most into BDSM, while Folk music fans were into role-playing.

Music plays a large role in sexual preferences and the compatibility between couples. Who knew music taste was a factor in how satisfied you are in the bedroom? Looks like psychology strikes again!

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