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7 Surprising Factors That Increase Your Chance of Having Twins or Multiple Babies

7 Surprising Factors That Increase Your Chance of Having Twins or Multiple Babies

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A lot of myths and misconceptions surround the topic of increasing your chances of having twins, or multiple babies. Many people are intrigued by the occurrence of having two or more babies that look alike. Surprisingly, some factors can make your dreams come true if you have been eyeing on conceiving twins or several babies.

7 Surprising Factors That Increase Your Chance of Having Twins or Multiple Babies

Family history

If you take a look at your maternal family tree and spot a few cases of twins or several babies’ occurrences, there’s a high chance that you could join them. However, your partner’s family tree may not affect the odds of conceiving twins. 

Being older

Studies and research show that women in their 30’s have a higher chance of getting pregnant with several babies at once. During this period, a woman’s ovaries begin releasing more than one egg every month. Also, women in the ’30s have high levels of follicle stimulating hormone that increases the chances of conceiving twins.

Being overweight

Ironically, being overweight has been associated with trouble conceiving. Nonetheless, some studies show that women with higher body mass indexes have high chances of conceiving multiple kids. The research suggests that extra fat increases estrogen levels that trigger the over-stimulation of ovaries. At this point, overweight women are likely to release more than one egg every month. 


Doctors have pointed diets as crucial elements to aiding women in having twins. Women who take low-fat diets such as vegetables are less likely to receive news of expecting twins or multiple babies. Eating foods rich in dairy and protein increases the chances of having twins. The theory attached to this factor indicates that dairy products have growth hormones that may trigger the rise in reproductive hormone levels in women. 

Prolonged breastfeeding

While breastfeeding has been tied to allegations of suppressing pregnancy and fertility, it’s true that it can also increase the chances of multiple conceptions. Experts advise women to breastfeed for more than two years as it increases the chances of getting expectant with multiple babies.

Previous pregnancies

If you have had twins before from previous pregnancies, your odds of having them again goes up. Your body already has what it takes to have twins and very few factors can come in the way.

Having a large family

Women with many children from previous pregnancies despite being individual births have a higher chance of getting twins or more. According to fertility experts, the more times a woman gives birth, the more the body adjusts to conceiving and carrying more. 

These factors will naturally improve the odds of having many babies at once. Luck also accounts for a part of the successful journey in the conception of twins. 


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