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How to Be More Likable in 10 Easy Steps

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How to Be More Likable in 10 Easy Steps

How to Be More Likable in 10 Easy Steps!

The truth is everyone wants to be liked. Even self-professed ogres and scrooges and old misers who denounce everyone and claim they don’t care whether or not they’re liked – secretly want to be liked. It’s how we’re built. Humans have evolved to be a communicative and tactile species, human interaction keeps us mentally and physically fit.

However, nobody is perfect and sometimes we can be off-putting. Being likable is something that can take years for people to master. Luckily for you, I’ve compiled this list that’ll get you well on your way!

10 – You have to become more positive. Seriously, no one wants to hang out with someone who is down in the dumps all the time. Negative people attract negativity and it’s just a downward spiral for everyone involved. Now, I’m not saying you can’t be sad or experience negative emotions, I’m saying you’ve got to let go of some of your past and move on. It should not rain all the time. Smile and think happy thoughts. It’s a beautiful day, you’re breathing, there’s a reason why you exist. You matter. Let other people know they matter, too.

9 – Be respectful and courteous. Say please and thank you, excuse yourself if you bump into someone or make a rude noise. Refer to people with their preferred titles, names, or gender pronouns. Respect the fact that other people are PEOPLE, just like you.

8 – Ask questions. Part of being likable is taking an interest in people who are not yourself.

How to be More Likable in 10 Easy Steps

7 – Be well groomed and smell nice. It seems rather obvious, but it needs to be said. Brush your teeth, brush your hair, wear clean clothes and some deodorant. Add some cologne or perfume you like. Looking good leads to feeling good which leads to treating other people well. Not to mention, people are more likely to find you attractive or interesting or just plain pleasant if you smell nice.

6 – Enter new experiences with an open mind and find something you like about it right away.

5 – Talk more, not less. Sharing really is caring. Don’t dominate the conversation, but don’t be afraid to speak! They want to know about you, too.

4 – Put in some extra effort to make the person you’re talking to feel special.

3 – Actually give a damn. Listen to what the person is saying and file it away in reference to that person. Care about them and their life. Don’t go overboard and put other people in front of yourself, but don’t be afraid to develop feelings for other people – positive or negative. It’s all part of the human experience!

2 – Be honest. Lying about yourself, to yourself, or to other people is just going to create problems. If you lie, you create a barrier between yourself and other people, which is the opposite of what you want.

1 – Follow the Golden Rule – treat others as you would like to be treated. If you think someone could be hurt by what you want to say, don’t say it. Think before you speak. Be kind. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, be kind to little old ladies crossing the street and the homeless dog on the corner. Be kind to the homeless. Be kind to waitstaff and to rambunctious children. It can be difficult sometimes, but being kind is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself.

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