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Eating Whole Wheat Bread Cuts Risk of Killer Diseases By A Third

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The old saying “You are what you eat” certainly makes sense these days. Consider wholemeal bread; it tastes delicious with a nice chewy texture. Enjoying these natural grains with one’s daily meals will jumpstart a healthier body. New studies show that eating wholemeal bread can cut one’s risk of heart disease and other serious conditions by a third. These whole grains grow in the fields in their natural state and arrive at one’s table all intact. Whole grains feature the entire seed of a plant, and that’s the magic that makes them so valuable for consuming

Eating Whole Wheat Bread Cuts Risk of Killer Disease By A Third

Not all the grains one shops for at the grocery store are whole grains. Many grains like white flour and white rice have been refined, and that means the processing has removed essential nutrients. 

The Whole Grains Council lists some of these good-for-you grains that include oats, barley, corn, rye, millet, quinoa, brown and wild rice. 

Doctors are encouraging adult patients to eat more whole grains, so they can live longer. Apparently, not enough people consume these healthy grains loaded with abundant fiber, protein, and key vitamins. Only about one-third of adults add enough whole grain foods to their daily diet. The latest wide-ranging study conducted by the World Health Organization discovered that wholemeal bread makes a difference. 

According to an item in the British publication The Times, eating wholemeal bread can cut one’s risk of heart disease by 34-percent. The super grain can reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer, too. The Lancet Medical Journal published the findings that reviewed 50 years of evidence and involved 215,00 people. 

To receive these incredible nutritional benefits for the body, the study recommended eating three slices of wholemeal bread daily. One could also substitute the bread for other whole grain richness and eat the following: six oatcakes, six rye crispbreads, three bowls of muesli or two heaping tablespoons of cooked brown rice. Even snacking on popcorn is a wonderful whole grain treat. 

Many people have been taught that bread is the enemy when it comes to a good diet. The famous Atkins diet has always believed in low carbohydrates. However, that belief has been challenged by these new studies. Whole grains are excellent for one’s health at reducing body weight and cholesterol and keeping the heart healthy. 

Nutritional experts recommend adding more whole grains to the diet gradually. At the same time, they advise drinking more water to move the fiber along. 

Just by munching on three slices of wholemeal bread daily, one can develop better health. Exercising and following a sound and sensible lifestyle make it even better. Whole grains are good carbohydrates and can keep the heart beating in the best possible way. Best of all, whole grains taste great and deliver chewy texture.

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