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8 Stretches You Should Do Every Morning To Feel Strong, Flexible And Grounded

8 Stretches You Should Do Every Morning To Feel Strong, Flexible and Grounded

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What do you do first when you wake up in the morning? Most of us hit snooze on our alarms or think of coffee. Some brave souls might wake up at 5 a.m. and head to the gym. Most of us can’t imagine exercising as soon as we get out of bed, but you can still do some morning stretches to feel more energetic and ready for the day ahead! 
There are plenty of benefits to morning stretching, including fewer muscle aches, more energy and 

8 Stretches You Should Do Every Morning To Feel Strong, Flexible and Grounded

8. Simple Pelvic Lifts

This stretch will help loosen a stiff back and ground your body to the present moment. Who wouldn’t like to start their day off with more stability? Begin by lying on a soft mat. Bend your knees, then slowly raise your hips toward the ceiling. Hold for a few seconds, then gently lower yourself back to the ground. Take a slow, cleansing breath, then lift again. Repeat five times. 

7. Standing Hamstring Stretch

Place the heel of your foot on a steady object lower than your hip; you could try a chair, bench or even your bed. Flex your foot, then bend forward to fold over your hips. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds, then repeat on the other side. 

6. Forward Bend

All you have to do is get yourself out of bed to do this stretch. Stand with your feet a hip’s length apart, then bend forward, bracing your hands on your thighs. Bend your knees slightly, and place your hands on the floor for support if you have a bad lower back. 
Hold your position for several breaths, then slowly rise, feeling each part of your back as you do. 

5. Simple Warm-up Yoga Poses

The “cat” and “cow” pose in yoga is simple to do and easy on the spine. To do the cow pose, start on all fours, with your hands beneath your shoulders and knees aligned with your hips. Take a deep breath and arch your back up like a scared, black cat. Tighten your abdominal muscles, then lower your back and push forward so your neck is extended toward the ceiling. 
Return to the starting position after several breaths and repeat three to five times. 

4. Side Stretch

Stand up and place one hand on your bed or the wall for support. Then, lift your free arm and move it back over your shoulders, creating a half-moon over your head. Take two deep breaths, then switch sides. This stretch will help loosen up tense shoulders and tone the outer thigh. 

3. The Back Twist

This pose might sound painful, but it actually works wonders for a sore spine. Sitting upright in a chair with your shoulders back, turn your back to one side without moving the rest of your body. Place one hand behind you as you do this for support, and leave the other on your thigh. 
You can also turn your neck with this pose for a deeper stretch, but don’t strain yourself. 

2. Leg Stretch

You may have seen runners doing this stretch before a marathon or race. Standing with your feet hip-distance apart, lift one leg and grasp the middle of your foot. You should feel a good stretch in the lower part of your leg, the quad. 
Keep your back straight and face forward as you hold this stretch for several breaths, then move to the other side. 

1. Hip Stretch

Open your hips and feel more flexible throughout the day with this stretch. Stand facing your bed and lift your left leg with your knee bent. Rest your knee on the bed, then lean forward with your hands on the bed. 
Take a few deep breaths, then switch to your other hip. 
An Easier Way to Start the Day
Waking up isn’t easy, but morning stretches can help you ease into your morning instead of rushing out of bed and headed straight off to work. Feel free to enhance your morning stretching routine by using some essential oils or listening to some peaceful, meditative music. 

Enjoy the opportunity to start each day with peace and concentration before you start tending to all of your responsibilities.


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