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12 Factors That are Detrimental to Your Relationship More Than Cheating

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12 Factors That are Detrimental to Your Relationship More Than Cheating

12 Factors That are Detrimental to Your Relationship More Than Cheating

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Most people view cheating as one of the worst problems that a couple can face due to the lack of respect involved. Unfortunately, there are also a number of other factors that can affect your relationship more than infidelity and can make it difficult to thrive. When you want to to have your relationship last long-term, there are a number of things to avoid.


1. A Lack of Communication

Communication is the key to any type of relationship thriving and is how two people can continue to feel close over the years. Whether there’s hostility that is present or one person finds it difficult to express their feelings, this can cause each person to have less of an understanding of one another.

2. Social Media

Social media is one of the greatest distractors for adults and can make it challenging to offer your undivided attention to your spouse. Many people have become addicted to their social media accounts, which can make it difficult to enjoy a quiet dinner with your spouse or spend time in conversation with one another without checking your smartphone or tablet device.

3. Intrusive Parents

Intrusive parents who are overly clingy and dependent on their adult children can significantly affect relationships by being overly involved. Many women and men are too close with their parents, which can cause distance with their spouse and make it difficult to establish trust. It’s important for boundaries to be established with parents to ensure that the relationship can thrive without their constant input.

4. Bad Fights

According to Psychologytoday.com, continuous fights that don’t seem to end can make it difficult to thrive and grow in the relationship together. This can make both partners feel stuck with plenty of misunderstandings that occur. This will eventually cause any love that is shared to begin to dissolve.

5. Putting the Kids First

Many parents make the mistake of putting their kids first and making them more of a priority before their own marriage. Although there are many adjustments to be made after children come, the relationship with your spouse should still be made a priority throughout the week to ensure that it survives.

6. Jealousy

Too much jealousy in a relationship can often feel suffocating for the other spouse and make it difficult to have freedom. Those who have a habit of checking their spouse’s phone or controlling their schedule on a daily basis are more likely to damage the relationship due to a lack of trust.

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7. Unrealistic Expectations

Some people enter a relationship with unrealistic expectations for their spouse, which are often impossible to attain. According to womansday.com, you may be ruining your relationship by having hopes that are too high. This can cause a constant state of disappointment that makes one of the partners feel unfulfilled. Although it’s important to remain optimistic in the relationship, the expectations also need to be realistic.

8. Nagging

Nagging is bound to make a relationship end due to negativity that is present on a constant basis. Nagging rarely produces positive results and can cause the other person to feel on the defense.

9. Time Apart

Many couples fail to spend enough time together due to busy schedules and by failing to make the relationship a priority. Without time spent bonding together or nurturing your love, your feelings will begin to fade and can make it difficult to have a romantic connection.

10. Comparison

Comparing your current partner to your ex will cause your relationship to suffer over time and can make your significant other feel insecure. This will also make it difficult to appreciate the person that you’re currently with and value them for their individual traits. This not only disrespects the current partner but can make it challenging to move forward in the relationship.

11. Being Self-Centered

Relationships require both partners to put their significant other first to ensure that the relationship can succeed long-term based on a selfless love that is shared. Being self-centered will cause one person to give less than the other and will create a lack of balance.

12. Insecurities

Insecurity can lead to jealousy, self-doubt, and control due to one partner feeling incompetent in the relationship. It’s important to value what you bring to the relationship and love yourself to ensure that you can have a healthy love for your partner.


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