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How to Achieve Young, Glowing Skin – Steps You Might Not Know About

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How to Achieve Young, Glowing Skin - Steps You Might Not Know About

Ever look into a mirror and find yourself not recognizing the person staring back at you? But a slow decline is not inevitable. One of the primary keys to retaining a youthful look? Caring for one’s skin.

For many women, and men, too, figuring out what actions they can take to tighten, freshen, and refine their skin is a challenge. With so many competing voices in the realm of skincare and beauty, knowing where to turn for trusted information can be a problem. We have culled some of the top advice on how to achieve the glow of youth that might be news to you.

Consider a newcomer, probiotics for one’s skin.

Probiotics might be better known as the bacteria that helps one’s digestive system. But in fact, researchers are now studying the effects that topical probiotics have on one’s skin.

As it does when it is ingested, probiotics provides the body with healthy bacteria that stabilizes the environment, in this case one’s skin. Study of its effects on skin show that it decreases the activity of the P. acnes bacteria, and reinforces the skin barrier. Not only that, but it has been seen to restore healthy fats to one’s skin, which also help to curb the acne virus. If you haven’t heard of this treatment, it’s because it is fairly new. But leading cosmetics companies are jumping on the band wagon and adding topical probiotics to their product lineup. You can now find cleansers, washes, and sunscreen all containing probiotics.

Give up your vices in the name of beauty.

Are you still drinking and smoking like you are in your twenties? Vogue beauty experts suggest that alcohol is the very worst thing one can do for one’s skin. These vices can age the look of your skin but also do the very most in helping your skin look younger, once you quit, that is.

Smoking is a known cause of premature aging and wrinkles because of the restriction it causes to the blood supply. Which does the work of bringing nutrients to skin cells and repairing as needed.

Alcohol impairs the look of skin through dehydration. When one is dehydrated, the first place that you see it is through drawn, dull skin.

So, with New Year parties around the corner, you might want to rethink which you want more–an alcohol haze, or a bright and beautiful face the next morning.

Retinoids – the vitamin superstar you should meet

Retinoids are the fancy medical term for a common vitamin that most of us consume on a daily basis. Meet vitamin A. Vitamin A as a topical treatment was first prescribed to people who needed an answer for acne woes. But researchers soon found that those using retinoids tended toward having youthful-looking skin, too. And they began to observe the many other benefits that retinoids bring. Experts now confirm that retinoids can boost collagen in your skin. Collagen in your skin is what dictates how firm and bouncy your skin looks–which is key to youthful skin. Aside from that key aspect, it also increases cell turnover, which means blemishes disappear at a faster rate.

Yes, you will need a prescription from your dermatologist for retinoids. But if you want an entryway product, you can find various skincare products with a smaller amount of vitamin A. These are called retinols. And they are often marketed as antiwrinkle creams. Check the back of the skin care product, and make sure it has retinol or retinyl palmitate listed as an ingredient.


Consider under eye sheet masks for reducing dark circles.

The sheet mask craze has spread to targeting specific areas of one’s face. And that’s a good thing. Now, you can purchase small masks made just for the area that needs it most. For example, those dark circles under one’s eyes that tend to age a person’s face.

These masks contain skin-plumping ingredients that help to boost the skin’s collagen content. It also helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and fine lines, which has a brightening effect overall. If you have an appointment later on in the day? And you don’t have time for anything else, this quick pick-me-up fix will have you looking better than how you started out in the morning.

There are many beauty icons who have defied the march of years to remain youthful looking. Take care of your skin, and you will, too.

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