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20 Signs Your Partner Has Lost Interest In The Relationship!

20 Signs Your Partner Has Lost Interest In The Relationship!

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Love and passion are the main markers of nearly every relationship, but at times things can change. Sometimes, your partner has lost interest in the relationship or their best half. This may be an indication that the relationship is crumbling.

Nevertheless, there are obvious signs that can assist you in noticing that your partner is no longer interested in your relationship.

20 Signs Your Partner Has Lost Interest In The Relationship!

Constant Unavailability

Everyone knows how important time in a relationship is. It gives you an opportunity to demonstrate how you care and love your partner. If your partner starts looking for excuses not to spend time with you, it may be a signal that they are no longer interested. It is the high time you should come into terms with the fact that your relationship is on the verge of collapsing.


Sometimes your partner may feel uncertain about the things they want in your relationship. Interestingly, they may suddenly become interested in you if they notice that you want a break up. However, they may not exhibit any interest even if you put more effort to keep the relationship intact. Rather than letting your partner take advantage of you, confronting them is the best step you can take. Although nearly all relationships are faced with times of doubt, you should let go if your partner is constantly indecisive.

Constantly Seeking Attention

It is common for everyone in a relationship to seek the attention of his/her better half. However, if your partner is always putting his/her needs in front of yours, they are simply not concerned about you. This means that the joy you are giving them is not making any sense. If your partner stops caring, it is a call to end the relationship because your friendship can never go back to the start.

Constantly Blaming You

Irrespective of whether you are right or wrong, they are always blaming you. Your relationship can be deemed unhealthy if you can’t openly discuss issues to co come up with amicable solutions. In addition, your partner may be less concerned with your future if they repeatedly become numb in the midst of a conversation.


You shouldn’t let your partner treat you as if you are less important to them. If your partner starts overlooking in different aspects of life, it is a signal they are less concerned about your feelings. Safety and security between both partners are important in every healthy relationship. If both are missing, love ceased to exist long before.

Lack of Respect

There are times when your partner is no longer concerned about the things that bring joy and happiness in your life. This is an indication that the bond has weakened and love faded. Similarly, failing to respect your achievements indicates that they will never have respect for you.

Diminished Support

Whether financial, spiritual, social, or emotional, mutual support is very important pillars of a healthy relationship. When support diminishes, it means things are headed the wrong way. Supporting each other strengthens the bond between partners.

Being Treated like A Stranger

Even after being in a relationship for quite some time, your partner doesn’t want to introduce you to their friends and family. This is a warning that they are up to no good. It can make you feel as if you are a stranger and least prioritized. This may mean they are less concerned in the relationship they are in.

Lack of Commendation

Just like the joy you feel when praised for something well done, a healthy relationship requires constant commendations. It gives you a feeling of worshipfulness. Lack of commendation may signal your partner is neither proud of your achievements nor relationship.

Undeserved Apologies

If your partner apologizes for something done wrong and repeats the same mistake, their apologies are meaningless. If this constantly happens, you may lack every energy and desire to stand up for your friendship.

Forcing Your Transformation

A genuine partner who truly loves you will accept you the way you are without necessarily aiming to transform you. However, if your partner is constantly aiming to change your character, they simply don’t love you.

Intimacy Without Genuine Love

If your partner simply wants intimacy without caring about your feelings, there is nothing like love in your friendship. Apart from physical intimacy, there are many other things that are essential in a healthy relationship.

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There is no room for cheating in a relationship if you genuinely love someone. Unfaithfulness indicates that there is no love or respect in your friendship. There is no need of staying with someone cheating on you. It is broken trust that can never be fixed.

Lack of Protection

Partners should always be protective for each other, but not in some circumstances. It is important for your partner to constantly remind you how worthy you are and aim to make you feel better especially when your moods are low. A partner who really loves will always give you a shoulder to lean on in trying moments.

Fails to Recall Your Words

You always give an ear and remember what a person who is important to you says. If you don’t care about them, you will simply listen without trying to understand their meaning. An indication that your partner is not interested in you is when they can’t recall anything you have told them.

You Weep Frequently

There is no harm of weeping when you are hurt. However, if you constantly cry because your partner is causing harm, then you are in an unhealthy relationship. It is the responsibility of every person to mind their words and actions. If your partner is not concerned about your feelings, ending the relationship is the best alternative.

You are Not Involved in Their Plans

If your partner makes plans or decisions without your involvement, it may signal they don’t enjoy spending time with you. Why should you be with them at times of sorrow if they didn’t want your company when they were having fun? They are less concerned about the things that make you feel merry.

They Do Not Show Commitment

It is not your fault if you realize that the relationship has become more difficult than it was a while ago. Experiencing commitment problems has nothing to do with you. However, it may mark your relationship is coming to an end if you have a feeling of not knowing these commitments. It is worth trusting your instincts. They are always right.

Constant Conflicts

If you reach a point when there is nothing you can’t discuss with your partner without turning into conflict, something is amiss. Partners in a healthy relationship should openly discuss problems to come up with solutions. It shouldn’t be turning molehills into mountains.

The Passion is Gone

There are the moments you missed the most, particularly at the start of your relationship. If it reaches a point where you notice that the passion and desire your partner had has faded, think again. Without passion, a strong relationship cannot stand. You either call it an end or work hand-in-hand to revive it.

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