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12 Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore If You Have Pains All Over Your Body

12 Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore If You Have Pains All Over Your Body.

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Pains are part of life. Sometimes we feel pain, and nothing is seriously wrong with us. However, pain can sometimes be indicative of more serious problems. Here are 12 pains that you should definitely not ignore.

12 Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore If You Have Pains All Over Your Body.

Chest Pains

Chest pains can be a sign that you have heart problems. It can also be a sign that you have acid reflux. Acid reflux is not immediately a serious condition, though if it keeps happening, the cells in your esophagus and throat can become so damaged that cancer forms.


Sometimes headaches just happen when we are completely healthy. Some people frequently have migraines. Headaches can sometimes point to more serious illnesses such as cancer, meningitis or a burst blood vessel.

Sharp Pain in Lower Right Gut

If you have sudden pain in the lower right side of your gut, you might have appendicitis. If you don’t get to the hospital as soon as possible for surgery, you will end up dead from your blood being poisoned.

Burning, Tingly or Numb Feet

This could be a sign that you have diabetes and you do not know it. It is definitely wise to go to your doctor and get checked out, and to modify your lifestyle.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can mean that you have heart disease, kidney stones, tumors or ruptured discs. When lower back pain isn’t a symptom of these ailments, the pain that you are feeling is from usual wear and tear.

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Pain in the Calves

When you have pain in the calves, it might mean that there is a blood clot lodged in a vein. This is really bad because blood clots disrupt. What is even worse is the fact that a clot can travel through your veins and into your heart. These clots are called deep vein thrombosis.

Pain in the genitalia

If you have pain in, near or on your genitalia, it is time to get checked out. You could have an STD. Many STDs are curable, though if you do not treat them you can find yourself with serious, life threatening, quality-of-life-changing problems. You can also have a yeast infection or a urinary tract infection, which are also very serious.

Pain in Your Mouth

If you have pains in your mouth, do not be shy to tell a dentist. A small, treatable condition in your mouth can mushroom into very big problems that have to do with the rest of your body getting sick. Something that started out in your mouth can end up affecting your heart.

Pain in the Upper and/or Middle Back Back

Pain in the upper can be a result of any number of serious and not-so-serious conditions. Conditions include osteoarthritis, scoliosis and fractured vertebrae.

Pain that Keeps You Immobile For Long Periods of Time

If pain is so bad that it is making you immobile, it is a good idea to seek some help and to not ignore it. You could have a serious condition, or you could have an easily treatable condition. Even if the condition is not serious, you want your quality of life to be as pleasant as possible.

Pain in a Previously Injured Place

Pain in a previously injured place of your body may mean that you have a problem that you should not ignore.

Pains That Involve Bruising and Swelling

If you are feeling pain and there is some bruising and swelling accompanying it, you have something abnormal on your hands.

So, these are 12 pains that you should not ignore. Of course, don’t think that you’re dying just because you feel pain somewhere. For example, if you have pain for more than three months, it might be time to get checked out. However, it is wise to keep track of how you feel, and to keep track of how frequent pains are.

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