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6 Obvious Signs That a Person Secretly Likes You

6 Obvious Signs That a Person Secretly Likes You

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There is nothing more obvious than when a person feels an attraction to another, which could be the beginning of romantic love. However, that special feeling may not be obvious to you. You may not be tuned in to his telltale signs of infatuation. In one study, MRI scans of people viewing pictures of romantic interests were associated with high activity in brain regions containing dopamine. This is a neurotransmitter associated with feeling high or filled with happiness. When you think a person secretly likes you, remember he may not want you to know or at least might hope that you don’t find out.

6 Obvious Signs That a Person Secretly Likes You

We put together these 6 obvious signs that someone secretly likes you:

1. He will do something thoughtful for you when you least expect it. For example, he might go out of his way to buy a collector’s item for you on eBay or Amazon based on your previous conversations. His extra effort is sweet, but could be easily mistaken for friendship.

2. He will remember to ask about your family, especially your kids, your parents, or a relative or friend whom you mentioned was recently ill. These details indicate that what you have shared matters to him. If he offers to do something that would benefit one of your family members or friends, try not to act suspicious or immediately reject him.

3. He will come to your defense or your rescue without thinking about it. This is a tricky one because, when he does it, it becomes obvious to others. If he is a long-time friend, it might be okay. If he is a new friend, this exposes him publicly which may not be what he wants right now. The people he hopes won’t discover his attraction for you are the ones who could notice and point it out to you.

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4. He will spend longer than he should in a discussion of a particular topic with you (even after other people leave the conversation). People who feel an attraction may try to adopt your interests as their own. Someone who asks probing questions may be learning more about you, but the time he invests will seem to go by fast. In retrospect, it could feel very exciting or too long. It depends if you like him too.

5. He will make plans with you when it is best for you. If you are friends with this person, he may seem overly accommodating. This could indicate that he is grateful for whatever time you have available but also that he isn’t trying to rush the rest of it.

6. He remains out of touch for a period of time. When you finally reach him, his reaction is a little too intense or emotional compared to past exchanges between you. It stuns you out of thinking that he is just a friend.

You can count on the fact that the person who secretly thinks you are awesome will either increase opportunities to see you casually or go out of their way to avoid you.

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