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4 Ways to Ditch Leg Fat in 30 Days!

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4 Ways to Ditch Leg Fat in 30 Days!

4 Ways to Ditch Leg Fat in 30 Days!

Do you have unseemly leg flab? Want to ditch it so you can be fit, confident and unafraid to show off? The legs can be a tough place to lean up, especially for women, but thankfully we’ve compiled the top four ways to ditch that fat by the end of thirty days!

4 Ways to Ditch Leg Fat in 30 Days

1. HIIT it hard!
HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and is by far one of the best ways to burn fat around. The basic principle of HIIT is short bursts of maximum effort cardio, followed by a slightly longer rest period. Try this out: get a stopwatch and find a nice place to run. Sprint as fast as you can for thirty seconds, then walk (don’t stop!) for thirty seconds. At the end of that, start sprinting again! Repeat the pattern then times, doing it twice a week (with another day being a light jog) and the fat will melt away.

2. Use NEPA to Your Advantage!
NEPA is Non-Exercise Physical Activity, and it’s all the movement you do when you’re not in the gym. Everything from taking the stairs instead of an elevator, to parking further away from the doors, to going for relaxing evening walks, are all NEPA. It’s very important if you want to lose weight that you increase your NEPA as much as you can–little things add up!

3. Fix Your Diet!
Exercise is meaningless if your diet isn’t good–the fat won’t fall off, the muscle won’t build, nothing will work. That’s why it’s very important to research a healthy diet (without falling for scams!) and stick to it while avoiding highly processed foods and foods high in sugar. Also, one of the best things you can do for yourself is eat more leafy greens. These foods are filling due to their high fiber content, are packed with nutrients, and are very low calorie, so find a way to put them in every meal!

4. Be Consistent!
What’s more important than doing all of the above? Sticking to it! If you decide that you’re going to jog six miles a week, do it! Find things that motivate you whenever you’re tired, or feel like you’re too busy. Healthy eating doesn’t work if you only do it a day or two a week, either! If you can motivate yourself to make a true lifestyle change, then nothing will stop you.

That’s it, folks: four stellar ways to kick the fat to the curb and have leaner, more toned legs (and rest of your body!) by the end of a single month.

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