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Hair Transplants versus Hair Plugs – Which one is the best alternative for you?

Hair Transplants versus Hair Plugs – Which one is the best alternative for you

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Losing your hair can be a stressful experience and sometimes it is impossible to stop that process. However, this does not mean that there aren’t any solutions for it. From cancer survivors for balding men, everyone can get a brand new mane with hair transplants. Right now, most persons choose between hair plugs and other hair transplants. In fact, hair plugs are a type of hair transplants, but they are pretty outdated nowadays. However, if you are looking for an alternative we will put these side by side so you can find out which one suits your needs.

Hair Transplants versus Hair Plugs – Which one is the best alternative for you

Hair transplants – the new transplant techniques

Hair transplants include a variety of procedures. Basically, all hair transplants will move surgically individual hair follicles from one body part (the donor site) to another (recipient site). There are various techniques when it comes to hair transplants, and natural transplants are almost a trend nowadays. People do not have to accept hair loss anymore, and there are plenty of alternatives that can bring back their hair and make it look very natural.

Modern hair transplants work smoothly and you won’t even notice the hair transplant since it will blend perfectly with the rest of your natural hair. Your head should look perfectly normal and no one will be able to guess that you had a hair transplant. Obviously, you have to make sure that you find an experienced surgeon that knows what he is doing to your scalp.

Hair plugs – the original technique

Hair plugs have been around for many years. In fact, the first hair plugs were performed back in the 1950s. Right now hair plugs are seriously outdated, but we have to admit that helped numerous people in the past decades. The original procedure removed small pieces of tissue in order to get those hair plugs from the back of your scalp. Hair plugs contained 20 or more hairs. Those pieces of tissue were usually removed with a 3-4 mm punch tool and they were removed in rows.

Next, the doctor would remove other circular pieces of tissue, this time from the balding area. These meant that he created small holes in your head. Next, the hair plugs were transplanted into those holes. The hair plugs were slightly bigger than those circles. Then a patient had to wait for its scalp to heal. Usually, the head recovered on its own, but sometimes surgeons stitched up the wounds.

In the 1990s hair plugs were replaced by follicular unit strip surgery. Nowadays hair plugs are no longer needed and patients are not willing to deal with all those disadvantages. For example, this procedure usually left some nasty white circular scars. Additionally, the results were not very aesthetically pleasing. Usually, the hair plugs would grow together and you would soon notice that the hair from the transplant did not blend in with your natural hair. In fact, hair growth made your mane look unusual.

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