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7 Miracle Muffin-Top Workouts

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7 Miracle Muffin-Top Workouts

7 Miracle Muffin-Top Workouts

[Last Updated on February 20th 2014]
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By Stephanie Dawson


Lie on the floor or a bench with your legs straight out. Your toes should be pointing towards ceiling and arms stretched above your head. Try raising your arms towards your toes while moving your legs up at a 45 – 90 degree angle, shoulders off the floor. Bring your arms way up above your belly button so that your body resembles a jack-knife. Return to the bench or floor with your legs and arms stretched out. Repeat 40 times.

Vertical leg crunch

Lie on your back with legs straight up in the air. Place your hands at the back of your head for support. Try lifting your shoulder blades off the floor with your abdominal muscles doing most of the work. Do 6 crunches in a set, you can do 2-4 sets depending on your stamina.

Mountain climbers
This is one of the most effective muffin-top exercises, simple yet intense. Be on your hands and toes, like standard push-up, pull your right knee towards your chest while your foot still rests on the floor, jump up and switch your feet while in the air so that when you resume the position your left knee is against your chest and right leg is behind you. This should be repeated multiple times in a minute.


Donkey Kicks

This will help you get rid of muffin top and make your legs look awesome. Get down on all fours and make sure your stomach is pulled in and straight back. Kick your left leg behind you as straight as possible and hold that pose for at least 5 seconds, repeat for your right leg. Repeat ten times for each side.


This is an intense workout but effective workout. Spinning may be difficult when you do it for the first time. It’s a kind of cycling but the pace is much faster. In order to avoid exhaustion start out slow and increase your speed over time. You will be able to continue for longer periods of time as you keep practicing.

Vacuum Exercise

To get rid of muffin top transverse abdominals should be your target. Start on all fours as for standard push-ups, keep your spine relaxed and inhale deeply. Pull your navel toward your spine and hold for 12 seconds when you exhale, that counts as 1. Repeat at least 12 times.

Scissor Kicks

Besides helping you lose the muffin top this will help you improve your waist line, posture, and reduce back pain. Lie on your back with your hands at your side with your feet 6 inches from the ground. To eliminate the arch in your back pull your navel towards your spine. Keeping your legs straight and your feet off the ground, start kicking with both legs alternately towards the ceiling. Repeat 10-15 times.

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