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Abdominal Pain is Nothing to Kid About: Know the Signs that Could Save Your Life

Abdominal Pain is Nothing to Kid About Know the Signs that Could Save Your Life

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When it comes to abdominal pain, age knows no limits.  Whether it is a child’s tummy ache or a senior’s aches, the seriousness of these pains is important to know.  Abdominal pain is often a sign of a deeper problem, meaning we need to take each instance seriously and assess the cause, enlisting the aid of a professional if necessary.

Abdominal Pain is Nothing to Kid About Know the Signs that Could Save Your Life

Abdominal pain is often a sign of other issues and should always be checked out

When there is a significant pain in the abdomen, it is a clear sign of a problem.  While, yes, in children there are plenty of “tummy aches”, it is important to know which signs are simple and which need immediate attention.  There is a world of difference between the pain caused by too much candy and that which is brought on by a swollen appendix.

In the first instance, the child (or adult) likely feels as if they are going to perish.  However, the mass of candy wrappers surrounding the patient will tell you the truth of the matter.  They need a nap and a treatment of zero sugar for a day or two.  However, what do you do when the pain is sharp and localized?

Different types of pain require different levels of attention

Sharp pains in the abdominal area require immediate attention.  While, yes, the result could be a diagnosis of excess air in the intestines, you could also be facing something much more serious, such as Appendicitis, which if left untreated, can be fatal.  In these cases, the speed with which you act on the pain is important.

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Below we have put together a list of basic symptoms and what they may be telling you about your body and your health in general.  Please, take the time to read through them, as knowing the signs of a serious illness could save a life.

1. Generalized aches that feel as if they are “all over” – This is the type of pain we often handle as a parent.  Most often they are the result of overeating and will dissipate given time and a TUMS. However, if the pain persists, you may want to check out the walk-in clinic or call your family care provider to be safe.

2. Sharp, localized pain that is centered near the lower right abdominal area – This is a pain that needs immediate attention.  One of the main illnesses that can bring about these types of pains is Appendicitis.  When left untreated, this condition can be fatal, making it imperative that you have the pain checked as quickly as possible.

3. Generalized pains along with a “sour” feeling in the stomach – These pains are often the result of acid build up in the stomach.  Much like the tummy aches of a child, these pains are often the result of consuming certain types of food or drink.  While these aches can often be eased with antacids, it is suggested that you seek a visit with your family care provider if the occurrence becomes a frequent complaint, denoting a more serious problem.

4. Recurring heartburn – This is a condition we all recognize, however, many people do not realize the severity of this condition.  While heartburn can be a one-time condition, brought on by a specific trigger, it can also be a recurring condition that eventually causes damage to the gastric system.  Treatment by the best gastroenterologist in your area is suggested for recurring cases.

Although these are just a few of the many symptoms that you may encounter over time, they are certainly one you will want to know and understand.  From the youngest son’s inability to sleep due to his candy binge to the husband who can’t stop eating Jalapenos, you need to know the signs and what to do when you encounter them.

Conditions such as recurring heartburn can become a serious problem over time

Although Appendicitis is certainly the most extreme case in the list above, recurring heartburn runs a very dangerous path as well.  This condition can result in a trip to an emergency gastroenterology hospital, if it is allowed to cause too much damage and could end with thousands of dollars in medical bills.  This is one very big reason why it is important to pay close attention to your health and any signs of pain or discomfort that comes your way.

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