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Baby’s Diaper Rash, Causes, When It’s Important and How to Treat It Naturally

Baby's Diaper Rash, Causes, When It's Important and How to Treat It Naturally

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Diaper rash is a red bumpy rash that might be found in the diaper area. It might also spread to your baby either in the back or legs. However, diaper rash can be caused by many things since the skin of the baby is sensitive particularly in the first few months.   The diaper rashes grow in moist and warm places. They can look like red splotches on your baby’s genital area. Nevertheless, you can to take care of diaper rashes back at household.

Baby's Diaper Rash, Causes, When It's Important and How to Treat It Naturally

Causes of diaper rash

Most frequently, diaper rash can be caused by the combination of urine, chafing diaper, and sensitivity of the skin. However, there are other causes you need to know. They include the following:

Sensitivity to particular type of food

Your baby can become sensitive to specific food especially when he eats solid foods. This does not portray your baby is allergic to that diet, but it mainly shows that he is not ready to eat it. When your baby has this problem, you will be able to see other signs of eczema and gas.

Sensitivity to the fragrances or chemicals

This is during disposal of diapers, or through laundry detergent, you use to wash them the skin can become inflammable.

Caused by Diarrhea

When your baby has this complication of diarrhea, the acids in the stool burn the skin to make it be inflammable.

Poopy or wet diaper

When baby skin stays wet especially with stool or urine, it becomes irritated and inflamed. These rashes can happen when the baby sleeps out the night with a dirty diaper on extensive hours than expected. Therefore, you can use a binary cloth lining, or you consider an extra porous disposable diaper to wear until rashes heal.

Yeast or bacterial infection

Diaper rashes can be caused by yeast or bacterial infections this is because it has a different form than normal diaper rashes and does not heal quickly. This normally happens if your child has thrush or he is undertaking antibiotics. It can also happen to your baby if you receive IV antibiotics during you labor period.

Skin chafing

If your baby rash is limited in the skin, wrinkles are found in the inner thighs and buttocks; this could be due to the irritations caused by skin chaffing. Thus, you should consider your baby living without diapers for a while and apply distinctive ointments in those delicate areas.

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Natural ways of diaper rash treatment

Coconut oil

This is natural oil that contains anti-fungal and antimicrobial. However, it gives your baby a protection layer if dampness causes the rushes in the diaper. You can also mix it with arrowroot powder to act as the natural baby powder.

Olive oil

This oil helps you in skin soothing and is also good moisture if the skin of your baby is rough. This oil also provides a barrier that assists your baby tissue to heal. However, olive oil is safe for your cloth diapers, and you should use a disposable or liner diaper.

Baking soda

The diaper rash can be due to acidic in the poop and urine. Thus, you should mix a tablespoon of baking soda into water and bath him with them. This will helps the alkalinity in the baking neutralizes the acidity in the rashes.

Raw apple cider vinegar

Not all rashes are caused by acidity, but it might be caused due to alkalinity in the urine that causes imbalance and irritation in your baby skin layer. If have this is the case on your baby, you should mix about two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into bathing water and soak him for about 15 minutes. You can also create a spray mix of clean water and apply it after every change for the diaper to prevent rash in your baby.

Breast milk

This approach is not recommended if the yeast was the main cause of rash because milk sugar can facilitate the growth of yeast.  Nevertheless, if your child has a regular diaper rash, you can heal them using breast milk. You should apply milk on the rashes and allow them to dry.

Switch to natural laundry detergent

Sometimes detergent could be the problem that causes painful rashes on your baby. Thus, you need to use a natural detergent which is free of fragrances, dyes, and harsh chemicals as well. It is advisable to switch to a gentle diaper safe detergent.

Change your baby diaper frequently

You should change your baby’s diaper regularly when they get dirty. This is because feces and urine can burn your baby skin which might lead to painful rashes. Thus you should be alert when the baby starts consuming solid foods.

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