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Sense of Well-Being

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Sense of Well-Being

Aloha Hawaii! Hawaiians had the highest well-being in the U.S for the last three consecutive years. In fact, Hawaii ranked the highest in the nationwide survey in emotional health (how likely a resident smiles or laughs everyday, or if they have a daily stress or worry) and in healthy behaviors (exercising, not smoking and eating healthily).

On the other hand, West Virginians had the lowest well-being last year. Check out the state of well-being in this infographic and learn more about its trend in different parts of the U.S.
Find out which U.S. states ranked  high in

This happiness and well-being is neither accidental nor by luck! Just take a look at these lines and you’d find out why Hawaii is a mini-paradise on earth:

  • 61.4 percent of Hawaiians exercise frequently.
  • The average temperature is between 75 and 85 degrees and people do lots of outdoor activities.
  • 61.2 percents of Hawaiians frequently eat fresh produce.
  • Hawaiians eat lots of fish and seafood (and sushi!)
  • 90% of Hawaiians have health insurance!
  • Hawaiians have the longest life in the United States (81.5 years)
  • Hawaiians rank 49th in deaths by cancer and heart disease!
  • Hawaii’s capital (Honolulu) is ranked the third safest city in the U.S.

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