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The Best Hangover Cure!

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The Best Hangover Cure!

[Last Updated: June 29th, 2013]

There is nothing worse than having those terrible symptoms the day after a wild night with your friends, there is no need to swallow tons of aspirin and other pharmaceutical drugs, or gag a huge combo or any fast fatty food. Here we give you the best hangover cure.

The next time you are planning on consuming alcohol make sure you have this prickly pear juice near you. It has been shown that drinking 8 ounces of this magic drink five within five hours of drinking alcohol can help you avoid a hangover, plus it tastes delicious!

Make sure you prepare it before you start drinking, mix up the following ingredients, blend and say goodbye to future hangovers!

All you need:
• 8 ounces prickly pear juice
• 8 ounces lemonade
• 1 sprig of fresh mint


hangover cure

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