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Can Omega-3 Help You Lose Weight?

Can Omega-3 Help You Lose Weight.

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Fish oil is one of the best supplements you can readily find in the market. It is rich in omega-3 fish oil which will offer you different health benefits. They may include brain health, minimizing the risk of depression, good skin health, and finally a better heart.

Some researchers have proposed that omega-3 fatty acids may help people in weight loss management. Therefore, this article tends to review whether the omega-3 from fish oil can assist you in weight loss management. This is because studies have not agreed, and opinions might be different.

Can Omega-3 Help You Lose Weight.

What is Fish Oil Omega-3?

Fish oil omega-3 is one of the classifications of fats that are essential for human health. There are various forms of omega- 3 fats. However, they can be categorized into two major groups:

Essential omega-3 fatty acids: The most common type is Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). It can be mostly found it in plant foods such as hemp seeds, walnuts, flaxseeds, chia seeds, and their oils respectively.

Long- chain omega-3 fatty acids: the most common types are docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). You can find them on fatty fish and fish oil. However, you can also find them in algae, algae oil, and seafood.

ALA is considered essential because your body cannot be able to produce it. Thus, you must get this type of fat from the diet you consume.  In contrast, DHA and EPA are not precisely considered essential. This is because your body can use ALA to create them.

However, you should note that the conversion of ALA to both EPA and DHA is not efficient in the human body. For this reason, you may be advised by your health professional to take two portions of fatty fish at least in a week. You can also take the supplements to improve their level that are on the market in the form of capsules or oil drops.

In this regards, there are several ways fish oil omega- 3s may assist you in weight loss management. It will include the following:

Fish Oil May Reduce Hunger and Appetite

Fish oil is one of the most efficient way of reducing your hunger and appetite particularly when you are taking weight loss diets. This is because you may experience an increased feeling of appetite when you are on this program.

This was supported by research that found healthy people who are on weight loss diet consume less than 0.3 grams or greater than 1.3 grams of omega- 3s per day. Surprisingly, another study suggested that fish oil omega- 3s increases the levels of the hormone in obese patients, but also decreased in non-obese patients. Therefore, these effects differ depending on your diet and health status. However, more studies are needed before these conclusions are made.

Fish Oil May Increase Your Metabolism

Use of fish oil can increase your metabolism. A higher rate of metabolism can assist you to burn calories which in turn result in a gradual weight loss.

A significant number of studies have found that an increase in metabolic rates results to an increase in the muscle mass. Calories are consumed more than fat in the muscle. Therefore increase in the muscle mass can be explained as results of high rate of metabolism perceived in this research.

Other recent studies have also suggested that when you take 3 grams of fish oil daily for about 12 weeks. Your rate of metabolism can be increased to 12 percent on average.

Fish Oil May Boost The Effects Of Exercise

This will assist you to increase the amount of fat and calories burned during exercise. Both of these ways will help you to lose excess weight.  Researchers argue that fish oil help you to use fat instead of carbohydrates as the source of energy during exercises. Therefore, that is why some studies recommend the combination of omega-3 supplements with exercises as the most efficient way of reducing body weight.

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Fish Oil May Help You To Lose Fat And Inches

Omega- 3 fish oil may assist you to lose fat or inches without affecting your body weight on the scale. That’s when you want to lose weight you may be encouraged to use a tape measure, or you track your body fat ratio to assess your progress.

Dosage and Safety

It is generally safe to consume supplements of omega-3 fish oil. You can take 300-3000mg per day to realize the benefits of these supplements. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the content of your supplements to avoid misuse. It is also advisable to consult your health professional before taking the supplements.


Generally, the omega-3 fish oil will be of great help to you if combined with other lifestyle factors such as regular exercise and proper nutrition.

However, these effects may not apply to everyone, so always consult your health professional for further information

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