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How to Use Tomatoes to Fight Acne

How to Use Tomatoes to Fight Acne

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When the pores of the skin become blocked with dead cells and other impurities, the sebaceous glands produce much protective oil that gets trapped underneath the skin. This leads to bacterial infections that result in acne. It is caused by hormonal imbalances, stress, poor hygiene, poor diet among others.  It normally appears on the face, chest, and back. You can use tomatoes to fight acne.

How to Use Tomatoes to Fight Acne

The National Institute of Health, classified acne as a dangerous skin disease. At any age, it is very embarrassing and even painful.  There are a ton of acne products that claim can treat even the most severe cases of acne. Some of these products, your body cannot handle since they are laden with harsh chemicals and they are expensive.

There is one prime tried source of acne relief–the tomato. Tomatoes have antioxidants, high level of natural acid, and a variety of vitamins that can quickly treat acne. It is capable to treat even the worst cases of acne. Surprisingly, many people have not taken the advantage of this natural remedy.

Here are the various methods you can use tomatoes to fight acne:

Applying the tomato directly

Simply, take a tomato, cut it in half, and rub it on your troubled area. Once the tomato juice is on your face, using your fingertips, gently massage it into your skin for about one minute. Then use warm water to rinse your face. It can be messy and therefore, it is advisable you do it on a sink. Ensure also you have a towel near you in case of dripping. If you do it repeatedly for a week, you will get wonderful results.

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Making a tomato mask

When the acne is worse, you should try this method. Smash a whole tomato in a bowl using any regular kitchen utensils. Use the resultant pulp to turn it into a tomato paste. Once the paste becomes suitably smooth, apply it as a facial mask all over the face and leave it for about one full hour. Rinse your face thoroughly and apply a moisturizer that is gentle. Repeat this four times a week and you will find that you acne will lighten.

The mask can also be created using a mixture of tomato and avocado. Smash an avocado and tomato combined and then apply to the troubled area. Leave it for about fifteen minutes and then rinse meticulously. This helps to reduce the oil on your skin.

Making a tomato juice

This is for those who are uncomfortable to leave the pulpy tomato for about an hour on their face or to rub a tomato on their face. Take a tablespoonful of tomato juice and mix it with about four drops of lime juice in a small dish. To the affected area of the skin, apply the mixture using a cotton ball. Allow it to set for four to five minutes and then rinse with warm water.


It should be known that leaving tomato remedies on your skin for a longer time than recommended can cause redness, itching, or other irritations. Where possible include tomatoes in your diet.

Just as with other any remedy to treat acne, tomato will work best when combined with regular exercise, good hygiene, and a healthy diet. Avoid carbohydrates and sugars, and drink plenty of water.

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