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The Pros and Cons of Period Delay Pills

The Pros and Cons of Period Delay Pills

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During your period, you may find there some activities you feel you can’t enjoy that you may want to indulge in. There are various reasons for this, ranging from the discomfort involved to the occasional impracticality of your time of the month. Fortunately there are solutions available to delay your period for up to 17 days, allowing you to postpone it until after your upcoming event.

The Pros and Cons of Period Delay Pills

While there are some natural ways which some claim are effective, the more common and easier method which involves taking the period delay pills like Norethisterone. There are various reasons why you may choose to delay your period. The most common reasons tend to be around both lifestyle and relationships. It may be for the sake of a special occasion like a birthday, for sex, for a vacation, and for various other private reasons.

The Benefits of Using Period Delay Pills 

The most effective pills will come along with all the benefits that will encourage you to use them. Before any of these pills are recommended for use, they have to be tried and tested to prove their ability to work well with almost any woman who wants to use them.

The best period delay pills will have no or very minimal side effects depending on your health conditions and use of the pills. The good thing is that you can check the ingredients used in making a period delay pill to determine if it can work well with you. It’s best to consult with your doctor before taking any medication, just in case there are risk factors which may affect you.

Using the pills will hardly make changes to your normal period; your periods can easily get back to normal after two or three days if you stop taking them. Many women using the combine oral contraceptive pill choose to ‘skip’ their period by simply moving straight to their next strip of pills without taking the normal 7 day break. This method is also effective, although it shouldn’t be used too often.

The Drawbacks of Using Period Delay Pills

The period delay pills come with many benefits, but there are some disadvantages. The problems can come as a result of abuse of the pills by taking more than required or taking the wrong pills, body reactions and allergies due to reactive ingredients, and lack of healthcare counselling.

These negatives roll from the common side effects to more complex health risks and complications that might occur due to their use. Some of the potential risks and side effects include breast tenderness, stroke, blood clots, nausea, headaches and dizziness, and breakthrough bleedings among others. Negative effects such as headaches and nausea can occur in the short run while some of them can develop into the binding and long-term health complications.

Apart from the side effects, there are limitations to the use of these pills. They should not be used for a long period lest they cause serious health issues. When taking the pills, especially Norethisterone, you won`t be able to use other medication such as HIV antivirals, some cancer medication, some high blood pressure medicines, and some others. Again, check with your doctor to make sure there will be no interactions before taking any medication. Generally, it is only safe to use the period delay pills under the care and guidance of a professional physician to avoid health risks.

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