Strange Scars Appeared on Her Torso and Continued to Grow. When Doctor Sees It – He Makes This Rare Diagnosis

Strange Scars Appeared on Her Torso and Continued to Grow. When Doctor Sees It – He Makes This Rare Diagnosis:
Lichen Sclerosus- Information and Home Remedies

What is Lichen Sclerosus?

A disease known as lichen sclerosus is a lifelong condition that affects the skin. The disease begins as dry, white patches that can later develop into scar tissue. The patches can appear on the upper torso and the genital area. When lichen sclerosus affects genital tissue, serious complications can arise.

Strange Scars

What Causes Lichen Sclerosus?

Healthcare professionals and researchers have yet to pin down the exact cause of this disease, though some believe it is an autoimmune in nature. Because of its prevalence in women of menopausal age, it may come about as an effect of hormone imbalance as well. There is a chance it may be genetic in nature, as 15 percent of people with the disease report that they have a family member who experiences the same symptoms. It is notable that lichen sclerosus often originates on an area of skin that was previously injured. It is not contagious.


The white patches that signal the beginning of this disease are often smooth and shiny, and then grow larger. The skin then becomes quite thin and fragile. Bruises appear, and the skin my scar. Blistering, bleeding, and itching are other common symptoms.

Who is at Risk?

Lichen sclerosus can appear in anyone, though it is uncommon for men and rare for children. The disease tends to be found mostly in women after menopause.

What if Lichen Sclerosus Goes Untreated?

Women who don’t receive treatment may experience scarring that may tighten reproductive organs and make closeness with a partner very painful. For men, it may become difficult for them to relieve themselves. For both men and women, skin that is scarred as a result of the disease is more likely to be affected by skin cancer.

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Statistical Data

While there is not much data available concerning how many suffer from this disease, it is estimated that 1 in every 30 post-menopausal woman who is seen in gynecology practices has some form of the disease. Dermatologists report seeing lichen sclerosus in 1 out of up to 1000 patients.