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15 Etiquette Rules You Need to Know

15 Etiquette Rules You Need to Know

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Practicing good etiquette shows respect for those that you come in contact with throughout the day. You can remain professional in the workplace and courteous in your personal life by following the right etiquette rules. When you want to improve how you interact with other people, there are a few tips to follow to improve your mannerisms.

15 Etiquette Rules You Need to Know

1. Stand During an Introduction

Make it a point to stand up from your seat when you’re being introduced to someone to show your respect and remain polite.

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2. Avoid Texting While Talking to Someone

Avoid using your phone if you’re in the middle of a conversation with someone, which shows that you don’t care about the time that you’re sharing together.

3. Point with Two Fingers

When you’re giving someone directions or are showing them a particular area of your office, keep your fingers together to avoid looking aggressive.

4. Greet People on Walks

When you’re on a stroll in your neighborhood or are taking your dog for a walk, say hello to anyone that passes by even if you don’t know them.

5. Avoid Ordering Expensive Menu Items

If you’re in a business meeting or are out on a date, stick to ordering inexpensive menu items to avoid taking advantage of the host.

6. Hold the Door

Show that you care for other people by holding the door for them when you’re both walking into a building. If you see someone behind you once you enter the building, keep the door open.

7. Don’t Stare

Staring can make other people feel uncomfortable and insecure, making it important to advert your eyes after smiling at someone or they walk into a room.

8. Remain Punctual

Show up at a meeting on time to demonstrate that you respect the other person’s schedule and give notice if you’re stuck in traffic to avoid making someone wait.

9. Avoid Doggie Bags at Business Meetings

It looks unprofessional to take your leftovers home at a business meeting, making it necessary to forego the doggie bag.

10. Enter Revolving Doors First

According to mentalfloss.com, it’s polite to be the first to enter a revolving door to ensure that your date or superior doesn’t have to push the door.

11. Don’t Use Your Napkin as a Tissue

When you’re dining at a restaurant, avoid using your napkin to wipe or blow your nose. Instead, use a tissue in the restroom.

12. Don’t Use Your Phone at the Register

Don’t talk on your cell phone at a cash register, which can make the employee feel ignored and disrespected.

13. Say “Please” and “Thank You”

Sticking to the basics by saying “please” and “thank you” will show that you respect other individuals with your interactions.

14. Have a Strong Handshake

Give a firm handshake when you meet someone new to show that you respect who they are.

15. Avoid Drinking Too Much

Getting intoxicated at business functions can make you look unprofessional and can affect the amount of respect that you’ve earned among your colleagues.

Practicing proper etiquette will allow you to respect other individuals and have a better reputation. You’ll succeed in both your personal and professional life by putting other people first.

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