She Found a Key to Cure Her Arthritis and Here’s What It Is

She Found a Key to Cure Her Arthritis and Here’s What It Is

Check out this testimonial of a young woman who suffered needlessly from arthritis pain. In this video titled “How I CURED my ARTHRITIS – What was the secret? NO MORE SUFFERING, GET THE TRUTH!”

Vegan Susie begins by describing her painful journey as a young girl who was experiencing AR pain in her elbows, shoulders, and knees.

She takes us from her first incorrect diagnosis of tennis elbow to the realization that she suffered from AR. Although Susie had given up hope of ever living pain-free, and she positively designated herself as the “weather girl” who could predict rain with her swollen hands.

She Found a Key to Cure Her AR and Here's What It Is

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Just two months after Susie stopped consuming dairy and other animal proteins, her pain was gone.
Susie describes her healing by saying that she felt as if she has been given a brand-new body.
She then urges others with arthritis to consider removing dairy and meat from their diets and describes how consuming animal proteins creates a dangerous level of acidity in the body.