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What Every Woman Should Know About DVS

What Every Woman Should Know About DVS

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What Every Woman Should Know About DVS

The internet provides a lot of knowledge, but sometimes this leads to confusing and misleading information being spread. Countless women have become concerned after reading articles warning about the danger of “Dead V@gin@ Syndrome” (DVS). Fortunately, real medical professionals are here to explain whether or not this is actually a health problem.


The term DVS is used to refer to a concept that women can oversensitized their private parts. Supposedly, regularly using a strong vibrator will cause a woman to lose feeling in the area. People warn that DVS can make it impossible for a lady to actually enjoy lovemaking. The theory behind DVS is that the strong vibrations harm the nerves in the sensitive parts. Many women get concerned about hearing about this because the outcome seems so scary.

However, experts on vibrators and lovemaking are starting to weigh in on the subject. Most of them agree that DVS is not actually as scary as it might seem. One of these experts is Dr. Nicole Prause. She leads a study titled “Clinical and research concerns with vibratory stimulation.” Prause was unable to find any scientific data that confirmed the theory of DVS.


In her research, Prause’s team examined vibrators that ranged from 43 to 148 Hz in frequency. They found that the stronger vibrators did result in a brief loss of sensitivity. This means that after using a stronger setting, a woman could not get the same effect from a weaker one. However, the loss of sensitivity was gone within an hour. The vibration did not permanently affect the nerves in a woman’s private parts. They could still enjoy normal lovemaking the next day.

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Another study called “Prevalence and characteristics of vibrator use” also achieved similar results. This study found that over half of all women used vibrators. These women had higher levels of success in arousal and desire. Only 0.05% percent of the women in the study reported a lack of sensitivity that lasted longer than a day. Even these women did not suffer from permanent effects.

Most experts agree that DVS is not a real health problem at all. However, there is an underlying reason for why women who use vibrators have less pleasure in lovemaking. Those who naturally use these aids tend to be women who have more difficulty orgasming. Each woman has unique private parts, and some have trouble finding pleasure during lovemaking. These women tend to rely more on vibrators. They might incorrectly assume that the vibrator is causing the lack of pleasure. It is actually more likely that the lack of pleasure is causing them to use a vibrator.

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If you are still worried, rest assured that it is possible to avoid any temporary sensitivity. The easiest way to prevent sensitivity loss is to use a gentler setting. Extra strong vibrations can temporarily numb the area, even though they do not permanently damage it. If you are still experiencing issues, try to reduce vibrator use. There are also certain natural remedies that can encourage blood flow to the private parts. Ginkgo biloba, damiana, and Yohimbe have all traditionally been used to increase female pleasure. Taking small amounts of these herbs stimulates the area naturally and cause more pleasure.

In addition to increase sensitivity, it is important to be patient during lovemaking. Keep in mind that the natural experience will be different than using a vibrator. Instead of trying for easy pleasure, take the time to enjoy foreplay and passion with your partner. The pleasure may not be quite as fast, but it can often be more intense when you work for it. Relationship health experts encourage people to focus on connecting with their partner instead of rushing to achieve pleasure.

Ultimately, there is no such thing as DVS. You can happily use a vibrator without needing to worry about permanently damaging yourself. Any sensitivity loss is just a temporary and natural reaction to stimulation. It should quickly fade. To increase sensitivity during lovemaking, you can decrease vibrator usage, take certain herbs and work on more focused lovemaking.

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