He Ran Away from Home 20 Years Ago to Avoid Chemo and He’s Still Cancer Free

Cancer can be devastating, but sometimes the treatments for cancer can be just as bad as the disease itself. A Massachusetts teenager named Billy Best discovered that firsthand after going through five chemo treatments in the 1990s. He reached a point where he was determined to not suffer any more of the excruciating treatments. He decided that he should be in charge of his cancer treatment, not his doctors or his parents. He was so determined that he sold most of his belongings to buy a bus ticket and ran away. Running away to avoid chemo turned out to be a great decision. The alternative treatment he discovered rid him of his cancer and he is still cancer free to this day.

He Ran Away from Home 20 Years Ago to Avoid Chemo and He's Still Cancer Free

After he ran away, Billy’s parents and authorities tried to find him. The story also got a lot of nationwide media attention. Billy managed to avoid being discovered for a while. He ended up in Texas where he stayed with some new skateboarding friends. When someone did realize who he was, Billy agreed to return to his parents. His only condition was that they had to agree to let him use alternative treatments instead of chemotherapy. Along with his parents, Billy looked at the variety of alternative cancer treatment options and chose 714-X and Essiac Tea.

714-X Developed by Gaston Naessens, 714-X is a homeopathic drug that works by delivering nitrogen to cancer cells. This helps to fire up the immune system to rid the body of toxins. It’s not available in the US, so Billy went to Canada to get the drug. He administered by self-injection for six months, even though his cancer was gone only a few months in. He also continues to do booster injections of 714-X a few times a year to boost his immune system.