Things That Stop Women from Getting Turned On

Women have a natural tendency to withdraw physically from their significant other if there’s an emotional disconnect between the two people. From excessive fighting to neglect, women will not want to get physically close if they aren’t connected to their spouse. It’s important to show that you care about her by expressing your feelings and showing acts of service without expecting anything in return. You also want to make communication a priority to ensure that she feels cared for. Schedule dates and make her feel valued by taking the time to show her how much she means to you.

Listening is another important part of avoiding having an emotional disconnect in your relationship. It’s important to listen to her as she complains about her long day at work to ensure that she feels supported. Avoid offering a solution or trying to give her advice, which can cause her to feel defensive.

Mental Stress

Most women are less than interested in being physical if they’re suffering from stress. From managing their finances to dealing with drama with their girlfriends, you’re less likely to turn her on if she has a lot on her mind.

According to, your anger issues can also leave her feeling upset if you blow up over small issues. Avoid fighting or causing strain in the relationship if you want to keep her coming back for more when you spend time in the sheets together.

Although you may not be able to control the stress she feels at work or from her friends, you can offset it by giving her a long hug, which is proven to release endorphins. Reassure her that the situation and stress will pass, which can help her to adopt a different perspective.

Men may find it difficult to understand women, but it’s important to know what turns her off when you want to get physical. By keeping yourself clean and maintaining a good attitude in the relationship, she’ll feel more inclined to allow you to touch her before sparks begin to fly as you get close.