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Use This Tibetan Tea Recipe to Increase Your Lifespan

Use This Tibetan Tea Recipe to Increase Your Lifespan

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Throughout history, and even today, Tibetan medicine is renowned the world over. Tibet Is known to produce some of the most effective and side effect free natural remedies the world has ever seen. One of the major contributory factors to the fact that Tibet ranks top when it comes to natural treatments is their Lifespan. Most of the people searching for ways to increase longevity usually seek Tibetan traditional customs and recipes. One of the most popular recipes in Tibet is their Tibetan tea, ingredients of which include natural herbs such as ginger.

Use This Tibetan Tea Recipe to Increase Your Lifespan

Ginger is a spice known to provide a number of health benefits, a well-known fact throughout history. Ginger is particularly recognized for its ability to improve the functionality of our immune systems. The immune-boosting property of ginger is the reason why many individuals add this herb to their meals and drinks in winter. Using ginger provides significant assistance when it comes to preventing colds during winter.

With an extensive list of potential gains, the benefits offered by ginger might seem endless. Some of the scientifically proven health benefits of using ginger include:

• Effectively combats chronic exhaustion and fatigue.
• Reduction of inflammation or swellings due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
• As an analgesic herb, ginger helps to relieve pain.
• Owing to its antipyretic effects, ginger can be used to combat fevers.

Gingerols, the active substances found in ginger, help our bodies to repair the damage caused by oxidation and fight against inflammation.

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Tibetan tea

You probably heard about the health benefits of taking Tibetan tea, or maybe you just want to try it out. Regardless, proper preparation is important seeing as getting it wrong might affect the results. Listed below are the ingredients you will need to make the Tibetan tea.
• Two tablespoons of freshly extracted lemon juice.
• A pinch of anise.
• Two liters of water.
• A tablespoon of pure honey.
• Ground hot pepper.
• Five grams of shredded ginger.

To prepare the Tibetan tea, follow the steps listed below once you have all the ingredients mentioned above ready.
• Start by boiling the two liters of water. Leaving it in the heat for at least five minutes is recommended.
• Once you are done boiling, allow the water to cool down slightly.
• Add each of the ingredients in the water, one after the other.
• Cover the mixture for about ten minutes, or until it cools down completely.
• Your Tibetan is ready to drink once it cools down. Drink it.

Important notes

• You should not add any of the ingredients mentioned above while the water is still scalding. You should instead wait for the water to cool a little bit. Adding the ingredients, particularly ginger, to lukewarm water ensures they retain their health benefits.
• Consume the tea sip by sip throughout the day while keeping the intervals between sips regular.
• In case you would like to drink an entire glass of Tibetan tea, taking it 30 minutes before your mealtime is advisable.
• The ingredient measurements provided above can serve as many as three people.


A wide variety of reasons to consume Tibetan tea on a daily basis exist. Every single ingredient comes with its own health benefits, although ginger is by far the most beneficial. As such, it is easy to see why combining all the medicinal properties these natural ingredients provide could improve your health. Tibetan tea is bound to increase your lifespan, at least by minimizing the risk of several potentially fatal infections and heart disease.

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Use This Tibetan Tea Recipe to Increase Your Lifespan

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